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Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinos (CAGG-NI) Offering Introductory Genealogy Program on Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM and On-Line Trees at Program on May 14, 2011 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Hi Everyone!

Michelle Wilson, President of the local CAGG-NI group that uses one of our library’s large meeting rooms, has informed me and asked me to share with readers that they are introducing what they call a “2nd Saturday Workshop Series” program.  The group already meets here at our library on the 3rd Saturday each month.  Hence the name, “2nd Saturday” for these new gatherings that will occur now and then.

It appears that this will take place on a non-recurring basis when the group has some material to share with its members (and potentially new members that would attend).  The topics could be varied.

Michelle, via e-mail shared the following with me (in bold and italics):

CAGGNI is introducing a new “2nd Saturday” series of events, held occasionally on the 2nd Saturday of the month.  These are designed to be small, interactive workshop like sessions.  April and May are already on the calendar.  You can view April’s at “Getting Started in Genealogy” session on our “CAGGNI Meetings” calendar at  We’d be delighted to have you share this news with your Tuesday night membership.

Please visit the web site of the society mentioned above or go directly to information about this upcoming April 2nd Saturday program information at:

CAGG-NI 2nd Saturday April 9, 2011 Program

This April program will be a 2 hour “Introduction to Genealogy” program that will be facilitated by Michelle Wilson herself.  It is intended for those getting started in researching genealogy.

The May 14, 2011 program will also be two hours in length.  Caron Primas Brennan, another CAGG-NI member will be sharing a program titled “On-Line Trees at” with participants.

Go directly to the program description information for the May 14, 2011 program at:

CAGG-NI 2nd Saturday May 14, 2011 Program

I am glad that I can share this with readers of this blog.  The programs both sound very good.

Mark your calendars for these special “2nd Saturday” programs that will be offered by the CAGG-NI group at the Schaumburg Township District Library in April and May 2011.

Check out the above links for detailed program information and the main CAGG-NI web link above for information about the group itself.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) 2011 Annual Conference Information Now Available from FGS Online

Hi Everyone!

It seems like information on various local, regional and national genealogy programs is becoming available in a fast and furious manner of late!

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) is now making available all of the information related to its upcoming Annual Conference.

This year’s 4-day program will take place from September 7, 2011 through September 10, 2011 in Springfield, Illinois.

The program is being hosted by the Illinois State Genealogical Society.

The title of the event is “Pathways to the Heartland”.

Please take a look at the following link to the FGS web site that contains all of the information on the conference:

2011 FGS Annual Conference

Once you get to the FGS Conference site for information and click on one of the conference “boxes”, take a look at the left side of that page for a list of sub-links that will take you to the various pieces of conference information that will be at your fingertips.  I did not see where the FGS was providing the entirety of the conference information via a PDF file.  Instead you can work your way through the conference information section by section via the links for each section.

You will find the following components of the program and the links to get to those pieces of information:

  • Registration
  • Conference Activities
  • Exhibits
  • Travel and Lodging
  • Blog
  • Media

Everything you need to know about this great annual conference is available at your fingertips from the above 2011 FGS Annual Conference link.

I would always encourage fellow genealogists to attend, at some point in their research career, a national genealogical conference of such magnitude.  Learning from other researchers is the key to advance your own skills and to be more productive and effective in your own research efforts.  The program topics that you will discover at these conferences can be very narrowly “niched”.  But that “niched” topic may be exactly what you are looking to learn!

A large multi-day conference such as this will be overwhelming.  But I can tell you that it will be overwhelming in a very good way!

Even if you do not plan on attending this particular conference I would still encourage you to take a look at all f the conference information, especially the individual programs.  It is by doing this that you will see if there is a topic out there that may be of special interest to you that may be the topic that might make your brick wall tumble-down!  Take note of it and put it on your “to-do” list to maybe even contact the speaker about the information being presented.

The FGS does a great job in offering such a large annual event.

Take a look at the material.  Consider registering.  You can register for the entire 4 day program or you can register for anyone of the individual day’s programs if you don’t or can’t be there for all the days.  You can save a good amount of program costs if you register for the entire program or for a day’s programs by July 1, 2011.  After July 1, 2011 the registration costs increase for both the entire conference as well as for the individual day registration.

Take a little bit of time and see all there is about this upcoming FGS Annual Conference in September 2011 in Springfield, Illinois.  Even if you can’t go this time, you will plant the seed in your head to consider future programs.

This is a great opportunity relatively close to where most of us live to participate in a great annual conference from a great national genealogical organization.  Costs can be considerably less by being able to drive to Springfield, IL rather than having to fly to another location.

Take a look at all of the conference information via the above link.  Especially look at the list of programs and speakers to see if there are any that really match research interests you may have.  It is nice to know that something of this scale and magnitude is relatively close by allowing to benefit from a great conference close by that can allow you to eliminate airline costs.

Enjoy the above material.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library Kicks Off 2011 with Addition of 90 Million New Records To Search

Hi Everyone!

The records just keep adding up at an incredibly fast pace at  I just saw a post on the Dick Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter at dated January 26, 2011. 

90 million new records have been added to the FamilySearch databases in January 2011.  If you do the math, that might potentially mean that  up to 1 Billion new records could be added in 2011!  WOW!  That is amazing!

Those records don’t just appear out of thin air.  They are created by volunteers that give of their time to index the massive amount of records that exist through the FamilySearch Indexing Project.  Consider being a volunteer and add some records yourself to this project.  It is not hard to do.  It is rewarding.  Plus, it becomes addictive!

Take a look at the full blog entry by Dick Eastman describing this event and also what is included in this newly added data.

You can fully read the story at:

90,000,000 New Records Added to

Consider helping out with this great project that benefits all genealogists.  You won’t regret it!

Visit FamilySearch at to search for data as well as to sign up and volunteer to begin indexing data.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

RootsTech – New Major Genealogy Conference To Take Place on February 10-12, 2011 in Salt Lake City

Hi Everyone!

I am a little late with this program notice of this upcoming 3 day newly created genealogical conference that will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 10-12, 2011.  Sorry for that.

Even though you may not have any interest in attending, it is always a good idea to simply be aware of what new major conferences are occurring in the genealogy.  They do not occur that often.  This is one of those new conferences!

It does appear that the theme of this conference overall is to focus on the technology aspects as they relate to genealogy and genealogical research.

The following is a quote taken directly from their web sites that identifies the purpose of this conference:

RootsTech is a new conference designed to bring technologists together with genealogists, so they can learn from each other and find solutions to the challenges we face in family history research today. Genealogists and family historians will discover exciting new research tools while technology creators will learn the latest development techniques from industry leaders and pioneers.

If you are a genealogy technology user, here is a quote from the website that is geared to you for why you should have an interest in the conference:

If you have ever clicked a mouse in the pursuit of your ancestors, RootsTech is for you! Discover new and emerging technologies that will improve and simplify your activities. Help shape the future of family history by sharing your feedback with technology innovators.

If you are a genealogy technology creator, here is a quote from the website that is geared to you for why you should have an interest in the conference:

Interested in creating solutions to challenging technology problems in a rapidly-growing market segment? At RootsTech, you’ll explore the latest development technologies using mobile apps, social networking, geo-mapping and more. Plus, get instant feedback on your ideas and creations from both users and peers.

Sounds like a great coming together of the minds of researchers and technologists both interested in making the genealogy research experience even better through technology.

There is a great FAQ section on the website that really provides good information on the Who, What, Where, When and Why of the conference.

It looks like the registration for the three-day event at this time is $150.  There is a $35 fee if you are a student and plan on attending the 3 day conference.

Keynote speakers for the conference are:

  • Shane Robison  – Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer,
    Chief Technology Officer, Hewlett Packard
  • Curt B. Witcher – Historical Genealogy Department Manager,
    Allen County Public Library
  • Brewster Kahle -  Founder of the Internet Archive, Digital Librarian
  • Jay Verkler -  CEO, FamilySearch International

Check out everything about the conference, especially the list of program topics and speakers who will be making presentations,  by visiting the conference website at:

Perhaps this conference will become a standard annual affair for both researchers and technology creators for genealogy products.  The topics and the speakers certainly look very good. 

As researchers, we all want to stay ahead of the “genealogy technology curve”.  This conference is intended to help you do that.  I believe that even if you don’t attend, it helps to be aware of what is happening in this ever-increasing combination of genealogy research and the technology that goes hand-in-hand with that effort.

Check out the above link to the site for what appears to be a great new conference on genealogy research and technology.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Our Next Genealogy Program Is Coming Up On Tuesday Evening February 8, 2011 At 7:30 PM

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would post this reminder of our next upcoming Genealogy Program at the Schaumburg Township District Library.

There is no pre-registration required in order to attend the program.  There is no fee charged to attend.  Anyone can attend this program.  You do not have to be a library card holder with the Schaumburg Township District Library in order to attend.

Here are the details of our upcoming program for Tuesday evening, February 8, 2011:

The Genealogy program will be held on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 7:30 PM in the 2nd floor Classroom. The guest speaker for the evening will be Steve Szabados. Steve will present a program titled “Mining Census Records”.

Our national census was just completed in 2010.  Census data is the first best data that should be researched when doing your family history.  The amount of varied data that you can discover on an ancestor over a series of census reports is phenomenol.  Steve will show us why it is important not to overlook this wealth of easily available online data.

After some initial successes while researching his family’s history, Steve developed a passion for genealogy research and now wants to share his research experiences with others.  He has given a number of presentations on his experiences to local genealogy societies and workshops for the Champaign Historical Archives.  Steve is also a genealogy volunteer at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.  His roots are Polish and Hungarian plus he has also researched German, Irish, English, Scottish, Slovenian and Bohemian records.  He has been able to trace one branch of his Polish family back to the 1730s, his wife’s Slovenian and Bohemian ancestors back to the 1750s and his son-in-law’s Bohemian ancestors back to about 1650.

The doors to the room will open at approximately 7 PM so participants can pick up any handouts, review books and journals and interact with other participants. Tony Kierna, the STDL genealogist, will start the program at 7:30. Introductions of new participants will occur as well as a brief review of handouts and genealogical matters. It is expected that the guest speaker’s presentation will start at around 8-8:15 PM. We will end the session by 9:30 PM.

For further information contact Tony Kierna at 847-923-3390.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library