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Poll On Transcribing LDS Records Is Now Closed; Results Included; New Poll Coming Soon

Hi Everyone!

I have just closed the poll that you have seen on my blog since March 5, 2012.  If you have not voted in that poll,  you will have your chance with the new poll when it is made available.

Here are the results of the poll that asked the question:

“Have You Participated With FamilySearch As A Volunteer Transcriber Of Genealogical Records?”

  • 15 Responded “Yes, I Am Actively Transcribing”  (36.59%)
  • 4 Responded “Yes, I have Previously Participated, But I Am Currently Not Active”  (9.76%)
  • 22 Responded “No, I Have Never Volunteered To Transcribe Records  (53.66%)

So in a completely unscientific analysis, but fun nevertheless, it would appear that between those that are currently active and have also previously transcribed versus those that have never transcribed, we almost have a 50/50 result.  That indicates to me that a good portion of the researchers that responded have tried transcribing LDS records.  That is an admirable turnout!

In fact, that percentage may now be on the rise spurred by the recent release of the 1940 Census data, the LDS being one of the organizations working with volunteers to transcribe the 1940 Census data.

So if you were one of those that indicated they had not transcribed in my poll, perhaps now that the 1940 Census data is available you will want to reconsider and begin transcribing for that project so the indexed data comes out sooner than planned.  The more transcribers, the faster the data will be indexed!

I want to thank all of you that participated in my poll for expressing yourself.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing the responses to the questions I pose.  I hope all of my readers are enjoying looking at the results of my polls.  I sure would like to see even more participants provide their responses to my questions.

Maybe next poll will elicit a big turnout!

Thanks for your participation.  Enjoy the results.

I hope to get the new poll up shortly.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

New Poll Now In The Right Sidebar Of This Blog; “Have You Participated With FamilySearch As A Volunteer Transcriber?”

Hi Everyone!

I have added a new poll in the right sidebar of this blog right at the beginning of the home page.

I thought it would be a good idea to gather some responses and statistics as to whether readers of this blog have participated with FamilySearch as a volunteer transcriber of genealogical records.

Let’s see how many of you participate actively, have participated but are inactive now and how many have never volunteered to transcribe.

The records all of us like to access for free online are only created by the help of volunteers willing to transcribe them into actual online database components.  So let’s see how active or inactive a group of readers we have.

I am open to suggestions on future polls.  Drop me a line via the “Contact” Page of this blog at the top of the homepage.  Leave a “Comment” for me within this post on your topical ideas for future genealogical polls.  Your input is appreciated to pose polls that are of interest to you in the world of genealogy.

Take a look at this new poll.

Place your “vote” now and see how we stack up over the next 6 to 8 weeks as this poll stays open.

If you ever want to see what the results are of past polls, you can always visit the special Page at the top of this blog that is identified as “Poll Archives”.

Enjoy this new poll.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Poll On This Blog, “Have You Ever Attended A Multi-Day National Genealogical Conference?” Now Closed; Observations and Analysis

Hi Everyone!

I hope all of you have taken the time to at least look at the “poll” that was part of this blog.  You really couldn’t miss it if you visit the home page of this blog.  It was located in the right sidebar right at the top.

The poll is now closed.

Participation in this poll has been much greater than the first poll that I ran.  This poll has garnered 59 responses as of today, much more than the first poll that garnered 39 responses in total for a longer running time.

I want to thank all of you that have taken the time to not only vote but who have also been monitoring  the vote tabulations as they have accumulated.

So far it looks like 35% of the respondents have indicated they have attended a national multi-day genealogical conference and 65% indicated they have not attended such a conference.

So what does mean??

In my unscientific analysis it would appear to me to indicate that I think many of our participants and readers of this blog are very experienced researchers and those with experience are ones that may tend to attend the conferences.  Those who are new often are plenty busy just learning about genealogy and beginning their research by digging into their family histories.  Perhaps this effort has not yet allowed new researchers to participate in such national multi-day programs.

My anecdotal expectation was that there were going to be far fewer numbers that attended such a conference.  Instead, the numbers show a larger amount of attendees than I would have thought.  That is what leads me to believe we have a very knowledgeable and experienced group of researchers that voiced their opinion via the poll.

I welcome analysis comments from any of my readers via the “Comments” part of the blog for this post.

I also welcome any ideas for poll questions you may think would be good to survey.

Thanks to all the participants who took the time to vote.

I hope you are enjoying these unscientific polls.

Time to put up a new poll.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

New “Poll Archives” Page Created At Top Of The Blog

Hi Everyone!

The new “Poll Archives” page is now in place at the top of the blog.  Just click on the link for the page and you will be able to see both the current poll that is open as well as past polls that have been “closed out”. 

Within the archive you can see all of this material all in one place, especially if you have missed any of the past polls I have conducted before you started reading this blog.

As of today, there are only two polls there at this time since I just started my first poll only on November 25, 2011.  But over time this archive will grow!

Enjoy the “Poll Archives”.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

New Poll On Right Sidebar Of This Blog; Have You Ever Attended A Multi-Day, National Genealogical Conference?

Hi Everyone!

Out with the old, in with the new!  Sounds like a New Year’s catch phrase!

Well, I have just closed out my first poll that I had on the right sidebar of this blog.  It had been open since November 25, 2011.

I think I was ready to be creative, maybe, and put a new poll on the right sidebar of this blog at the very top.  You can’t miss it.

I, and hopefully readers of this blog, may be interested to know if you have ever attended a national, multi-day genealogical conference such as one put together by the National Genealogical Society (NGS), the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) or a new one that just started last year, called RootsTech?

These are big time conferences often drawing attendance in the are of 3,000 visitors over a series of days.  You can listen to as many as 5 to 7 programs or more each day if you include the luncheon and dinner activities.  So over a few days you can OD on 20+ programs of your choice to beef up your genealogical knowledge and make you both a better researcher and family historian.

I have attended one of these national programs in my life and would recommend that any genealogical researcher attend at least one program in their lives.  It is really a big event!

It does not matter whether you are a rank novice or a genealogical research expert with 10 years of experience.  These conferences are stimulating, motivating, informative and just plain fun-filled with excitement and camaraderie among fellow researchers.  The speakers are also the best of the best from around the world in the field of genealogy.  Plus, you often have to travel to distant places in the U.S. to attend these programs.  So you also get the benefit of travel while learning new skills in genealogy.

Sometimes the programs may be in your own backyard as was the case with the recent FGS program in Springfield, IL this last September.  Well, if you are living in the Chicago area, Springfield is not quite in your “backyard” but it was closer and could cost less for you by saving on air travel and driving to Springfield instead.  A national program was held in Chicago a few years back which did put a national conference truly in your backyard.  They often recycle through the same major cities.   You may very well find yourself with the opportunity to attend one in Chicago when one most likely will reappear in the future.

Please take the poll.  It does not cost you anything and I don’t find out any secrets of those voting from any information being captured by me when you vote.

I, and readers of this blog,  would certainly like to see more than 39 voters taking the plunge with this poll!

But I will take what I can get.

Also feel free to suggest any other polls/questions that may interest you that pertain to genealogy to which readers could provide some insights via the poll.  Leave a comment on this poll or contact me either directly through the “Contact” page at the top of this blog or even as a comment to this post.

I would like to hear from you what might be some good questions to ask in the form of a poll of the genealogy readers to this blog.

Thanks for your past poll participation.

Now on to the next!!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

My First Genealogy Poll On This Blog; Genealogy Lineage Software Poll Closed; See the Results

Hi Everyone!

I thought that it was about time to close out my very first poll on this blog.  I have had it up on the blog for about 6 weeks.  I am not sure if I will have a set amount of time when the poll is open for readers to provide their “votes”.  I don’t want the poll to get “stale” over time, so I may target a new poll at about every 6 weeks or so.

So far over the approximate 6 weeks this first poll has been active I have received 39 votes so far on what kind of lineage software readers are using to keep track of their genealogy research results.  I don’t really have a feel yet as to whether 39 votes is a good amount, a small amount or maybe a just right amount.  I guess more is better but it is my first poll and I guess I should be happy that 39 readers were willing to share their thoughts.

Here is a summary as to what software packages readers to the blog have indicated they are using:

Family Tree Maker                    17 Votes      (44.74%)
Master Genealogist                     1 Vote         (2.83%)
Roots Magic                                   2 Votes       (5.26%)
Legacy Family Tree                     3 Votes      (7.89%)
Personal Ancestral File              1 Vote        (2.83%)
Reunion (Mac)                               9 Votes      (23.08%)
MacFamily Tree (Mac)               0 Votes      (0%)
Using More Than One                3 Votes       (7.89%)
Not Using Any                               3 Votes       (7.89%)

Total Votes                                    39 Votes (11-23-2011 to 1-4-2012)      100%

As you can see, Family Tree Maker is the overall winner with about 50% of the votes and Reunion (for Mac) came in a distant 2nd.  It was interesting that about 8% of respondents indicated they are using more than one and 8% of respondents indicated they are not using any!

This was not a scientific poll by any means.  Just a fun, informational poll on who is using what software, or not, to track their genealogical research.  So make of the results what you wish.  Maybe the results are no surprise to you at all based on your own anecdotal insights into what software is being used.  Maybe you are completely surprised.  Either way, enjoy the results for what they are.

I plan on also creating a new “page” at the top of this blog that will contain an archive of the polls I will be including on this blog over time.  That way you can always visit the page and see historically what has been out there and how the results may coincide with your own anecdotal insights about aspects of your own genealogy life.

I have a few more polls lined up in my mind that I will start constructing.  I am certainly open to hear from my readers as to what poll questions they think might be good to put out on this blog as the questions would pertain to genealogy.  You can leave me your good ideas as “comments” on the blog posts, by contacting me directly via the “Contact” page at the top of the blog or by leaving a comment at any of the “polls” that will be appearing on the blog.

I would love to hear from you on your ideas about what to ask our readers for feedback via a poll.

I hope you enjoyed this first poll.

I don’t think it was a disaster that would preclude me from offering another one!

Don’t be afraid to take a vote and give me your response to a poll that is of interest to you.  I only see the statistics and do not see any other information regarding you the reader.

Thanks again for your participation in this very first poll.

Keep coming back to see future polls for which I would love to get some feedback from you via the poll.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

I Now Know Where Comments Being Left on the Poll on the Right Sidebar Are Going!!

Hi Everyone!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had just starting using the Poll function within WordPress.

The Poll is appearing at the very top of the right sidebar of the blog.  At least 13 of you have easily discovered this poll either from my advertising of it or having seen it just jump out at you.

I also mentioned earlier that I had personally left 2″test” comments for myself to see how the process works and sure it enough I discovered something was not working quite right.  I always set “Comments” to come to me to look at before I release the comment.  This is to prevent ungodly amounts of spam automatically posting as comments.  You cannot believe how much spam is caught by WordPress before I even see it !  There is still a high amount that does still come through the filters of WordPress and appears on my blog before you ever see anything as a comment.  I delete all of these “advertising comments” with no mercy.

I wanted to do the same with the Poll comments and thought I did so until I realized the comments being left were actually going to PollDaddy and not coming back to me via WordPress.

All I had to do was log into PollDaddy, get to my Poll and there sitting unscathed were my two original “Test” comments.  I have since deleted these two “Test” comments and created a new one from me that made sense to release.  You will now see my “real” comment on the Poll so you can gauge what it looks like should you choose to create a comment that I let post.

However, you will still see that there are “3” comments on this first poll.  My first two “test” comments have been deleted so there is really one “real” comment.  PollDaddy still keeps track of the original count of “3” that appears even though 2 are deleted and never appeared for viewing.

As of now you will still see only 1 comment for this Poll on Lineage Software even though the counter says 3!

I am glad I now know how much of this works with PollDaddy.

Thanks for your patience during these initial phases of confusion!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

My First Poll in Right Sidebar; Votes Are Accumulating; Trying To Figure Out Where Comments Are??

Hi Everyone!

I see that votes are taking place on the first poll I created in this WordPress blog.  Thank you so much for taking the time to register your vote on what genealogy lineage software you are using on your computer.

I made the poll in a way that readers can see the results of the poll votes as they accumulate.  I also set the poll up so you can leave comments about the poll.  You will see the capability to leave comments when you visit the poll (View Results) and look at the results and see that there are 2 comments left.  Those in fact are two comments I left as “test comments” so I could see how the comments come back to me for review before I allow them to post.

The big mystery is where are these comments in cyberspace, even if they are test comments!  I have not seen them or been notified that they are available for me to look at.  I left them just so I could see how the process works with comments left within polls.

I thought I would mention this puzzle to my readers in advance of receiving questions as to where are the comments?  At this point I do not know!!

I have submitted a query to WordPress describing the situation to see if they can explain if something is wrong or if I am doing something wrong or need to do more.  I thought I set it up correctly!!  I will await their response to see how to resolve this.

In the meantime, keep voting and for now ignore the fact you see the poll indicating two comments were left that no one can yet see at this time as they make their way through cyberspace!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

I Am Experimenting With the “Poll” Feature of WordPress To Gather and Share Some Genealogy Information Among Readers; Take the Poll At the Top of the Right Sidebar

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would be BOLD and actually learn a little bit more about the blogging capabilities within WordPress.

One such feature that has been staring me in the face when I work on the blog is a function available called “Polls”.  I ask some kind of question related to genealogy and from the set-up of the question you respond to the question with a “yes” or “no” or you pick an answer from a list that fits your experience that I have created.  There may be some other options I can pursue but for now I am going to try to keep it simple.

At the home page of this blog on the right sidebar, the first thing you will see is the area I am going to use to do my polling.  So every time you get to the home page of the blog you should be easily able to see this and go and enter your response to the question.

I do not know anything about you the responder to the poll.  All the poll does is accumulate the responses and the overall statistics.  No special information is being provided to me that identifies you, the responder, in any way, shape or form!!

Be bold as I am by just creating this poll function.  Express yourself and respond to the poll question!

Within WordPress there is an attempt that is built-in that allows you to vote only once.  So I guess you can’t stuff the ballot box or vote multiple times as you can in American Idol.  Both you and I will see how this voting unfolds.

I have not decided yet how often I may switch to a new poll.  Maybe monthly or maybe never if this turns out to be a disaster!!

I have a few more “polls” in the back of my head to ask in the future but I am open to any suggestions from my readers on what genealogy related poll questions I should consider asking for our readers to reply to and see the results for questions that may be of interest.  I understand that within the “poll” there is the capability for you to leave a comment.  It appears you just have to click on the link at the bottom of the poll that says “View Results”.  For those leaving comments I will be able to moderate them before posting.  My assumption at this point is that your comment will require you to provide some information just like when you leave a comment today for a regular post.  I am learning this as I go so we will see how “comments” for a “poll” appear.

So batten down the hatches!

Go where no man has ever been!

Let the polling begin!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library