Update Post: Registration Is Now Open For National Genealogical Society 2015 Annual Conference; Brochure And Program Information Available; May 13-16, 2015 In St. Charles, Missouri; “Crossroads of America”

Hi Everyone!

NGS Logo Clip ArtI have an update to a previous post regarding the National Genealogical Society Annual Conference.  The registration process is now open for the conference that will take place between May 13, 2015 and May 16, 2015 in St. Charles, Missouri.

Take advantage of “early-bird” registration now through March 30, 2015 and get some lower prices for the conference.  Being a member of the National Genealogical Society will also get you some further discounts.

You can get to the main part of the NGS website where conference information and conference registration can be found at:

2015 National Genealogical Society Conference Information

What follows after the separator line is what I originally posted back on November 25, 2014 when news of the 2015 conference became known.

You can use all of the links in the original to find out further info about the conference.

Attending a national genealogical conference of one sort another should be on your once in a lifetime “bucket” list.  I crossed that item off of my bucket list a while ago.  This conference is so to speak in our own back yard.  It is about 319 miles away and is about a 5 hour drive.  As national conferences go this one is fairly close by.  So you can forego the costly expense of airline tickets and take advantage of the lowered cost of gas for your car!

Think about immersing yourself in all things genealogy over a 4 day period!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


Hi Everyone!

The National Genealogical Society has an annual multi-day conference each year.

The 2015 program is scheduled for May 13, 2015 through May 16, 2015 in St. Charles, Missouri.  The title of the 2015 conference is “Crossroads of America”.

You certainly have plenty of time to peruse the material and make plans to attend this annual major genealogical event.

You can view the full-color 16 page registration brochure at their website by clicking on the following link at:

Especially take a look at the registration material in the above program guide.  You can get discounts for early bird registration as well as even further discounts if you are a member of the National Genealogical Society.  You can sign up for a 1-day series of programs only.  Registration by March 30, 2015 will get you an early bird discount if you are a member of the society.  Check out all of the registration costs as well as all of the costs if you will choose to participate in any of the special programs being offered by the society that generally occur in the evening.

Also just visit the main NGS website to take a look at much more information and material that they have at the site.  There is much more information about this conference available through their main website.  Browse their site and see what other great resources they may have available online that can help you in your own research efforts.

You can visit their main website at www.ngsgenealogy.org.

Look for the part of their main website at the top that says “Conferences and Events”.

Attending a national conference such as this is an eye-opening genealogical experience that I would recommend at least once in a lifetime for researchers.  There are literally 180 informative hour-long programs that are scheduled during this program between 8 AM through 4 PM.  There are even  programs going on through the early evening if you can’t get enough information on genealogy from 8 AM until 4 PM!

NGS Logo Clip ArtThis brochure is one that in the past I would have made a copy for distribution to our genealogy program  participants.  However, now that I am writing this blog, it is more appropriate to direct you to the National Genealogical Society website directly for you to take a look at their full 16 page color brochure they have put together.

The above link will take you directly to this 16 page incredible brochure.

Even if you do not go to this program or another one down the road, I always recommend that you should take a look at the variety of programs being offered.  You may very well find a program with a great speaker that fits right in with your own research aspirations.  You will then possibly have a contact to make with the speaker to see if they can help answer a question you may have on the genealogical topic of interest.

Also take a look at the long list of world-renowned genealogical speakers that are in the brochure.

These are the best of the best!

Your paths may cross with them through material they may have already published.  Some may even be local to our own area.  Some may very well be speakers we have had at our library offering some great genealogical programs for you to learn from!

Take a look through the brochure to gain a sense of magnitude of what a national genealogical conference looks like.  It is amazing.  These conference are often attended by anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 fellow researchers.  Vendors are also present selling their wares.

This conference can be nothing short of genealogy nirvana!

Check out the brochure.  Check out the NGS Program.  Try to attend one once in your life.  You won’t be disappointed.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Our Next Genealogy Program Is Coming Up On Tuesday Evening March 10, 2015 At 7:30 PM

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would post this reminder of our next upcoming Genealogy Program at the Schaumburg Township District Library.

There is no pre-registration required in order to attend the program.  There is no fee charged to attend.  Anyone can attend this program.  You do not have to be a library card holder with the Schaumburg Township District Library in order to attend.

Here are the details of our upcoming program for Tuesday evening, March 10, 2015:

The Genealogy program will be held on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 7:30 PM in the 2nd floor Classroom. There is no formal presentation for this gathering. Instead, we will have our breakout group discussions so participants can work within a small group of people having specific interests in a common genealogical topic. The object is to share information and experience on this topic among those in the breakout group.

We are planning on having the same breakout groups we had in our previous breakout groups based on various nationalities. These will be Polish, Czech, German, Irish, British, Italian, Scandinavian, as well as Colonial American. There will also be a Beginners Group as well as a “Share Your Family History Book/Report” table that will allow those that have created a Family History Book to share with others at the table how they created it.

A laptop computer connected to our projector will also be available in the room to use by those in attendance. Participants are also encouraged to bring in their own lap top or net book to connect wirelessly to the library’s WiFi Network. This will allow the user to share information with other participants in areas of genealogical research.

Some of the above mentioned groups may be eliminated if there are not enough participants in any one group to make it beneficial. Some groups that have not been identified may be added.

The doors to the room will open at approximately 7 PM so participants can pick up the handouts, review books and journals and interact with other participants. Tony Kierna, the STDL genealogist, will start the program at 7:30. Introductions of new participants will occur as well as a brief review of handouts and genealogical matters. It is expected that the breakout groups will form at around 7:45-8:00 PM. We will end the session by 9:30 PM.

For further information contact Tony Kierna at 847-923-3390.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Family History Day Event to Take Place At The Wilmette, IL Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints Family History Center On Saturday, March 21, 2015, From 8 AM To 5 PM; Free To Attend; Registration Required

Hi Everyone!

indexI just recently became aware that the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints (LDS) in Wilmette, IL will be holding an all-day Family History Day on Saturday, March 21, 2015 from 8 AM to 5 PM.

The all-day event will take place at 2727 Lake Avenue (Lake and Locust) in Wilmette, IL.

Attendance is free, but registration is required.

For those of you that have gone to the Wilmette, IL Family History Center (FHC) to do research, the event will be held at the same church facility.  It appears that much of the church facility will be utilized to accommodate the varied programs that will occur over and above just the Family History Center room itself.  But the facility address is the same location where you may have done previous on-site genealogy research using the resources at the FHC that is there.

Here is a PDF flyer for the event that I received:

March 21, 2015 Family History Day At Wilmette, IL Church Of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints

“Jumpstart Your Genealogy” is the theme for the 2015 Wilmette Illinois Family History Center’s family history fair. This free all-day event features local speakers, video workshops with content from RootsTech, hands-on activities for youth and children, and exhibit booths.

Thomas MacEntee, founder of GeneaBloggers.com,  will be the featured speaker for the day and will be presenting 4 of his most popular programs.

There are also a good number of the programs that will be presented in Spanish.

Lunch is on your own with suggested restaurants in the area noted at the website below.

You can go to this following site for more information about the overall program and a link for registration:

March 21, 2015  Family History Day Registration Information

The website link above also includes a more detailed description of the time of the various speaker programs throughout the day.  There will be “live” speakers as well as video presentations from speakers at the recently concluded RootsTech conference.

The Wilmette, IL Family History Center is an outstanding center.  I have been to both the Schaumburg one and the Wilmette one and the Wilmette facility is very large in physical size compared to the Schaumburg one.  The Wilmette, IL facility also has a very large amount of on-site microfilms, many focusing on the Chicago area including many of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago church films.

Mark this date and give it a try regardless of your skill level of doing genealogy research.  If you are a true Beginner, this fair may be especially helpful to you as you begin your research journey.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

March 2015 Newsletter Titled “Cirkular” From The Swedish American Museum; March 28, 2015 Genealogy Program; “The Orphan Train; A Book Discussion”

Hi Everyone!

I have been receiving some activities updates from the Swedish American Museum in Chicago, IL recently.  Some of the activities may be specifically related to genealogical events or programs.  Other events may have a historical context as it applies to Swedish history and ancestry.  Some events may be cultural.

I thought I would share with you a recent issue of the March 2015 Newsletter called the Cirkular that I received from the Swedish American Museum.

The museum itself is located at 5211 North Clark Street in Chicago, IL.  The phone number for the museum is 773-728-8111.

You can reach the general website for the Swedish American Museum at:

Swedish American Museum in Chicago, IL

It actually looks like there is plenty to do if you are interested in discovering more about Swedish history, culture and ancestry.

Go to the following link and take a peek at all that you could be doing  during March 2015 at the Swedish American Museum:

Events At The Swedish American Museum In Chicago March 2015

There is a genealogy program scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2015 between 10 AM to 12 Noon at the Museum.  The program is titled “The Orphan Train; A Book Discussion”.  The program will be led by Advisory Board Member Sue Nordstrom.   The program is free for Nordic Family Genealogy Center members.  Non-members are also welcome but there is a $10 fee to attend this program.  Reservations appreciated via email at genealogy@samac.org or by calling the Museum at 773.728.8111

See what interests you.  Make a connection with the society if you are digging deep into your Swedish roots.  Take at look at all of the cultural doings going on at the Museum during the month of March 2015.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Many More Online Videos (31) Available From The Recently Concluded RootsTech 2015 Program; Here Is Your Chance To Do Some “Binge” Viewing

Hi Everyone!

RootsTech 2014 LogoI recently published a post about the end of the recently held RootsTech 2015 program that concluded in Salt Lake City, UT.  When I last wrote about this conference there were about 7 published videos from the conference at the RootsTech website.

I am happy to report that there are now 31 videos available to view!  I think that is more available to look at than I have ever seen from this organization.

These videos mostly run about 1 hour in length.  Some of the keynotes might be a little over 1 hour.  Some other programs might only be about 45 minutes.

Here is the link to your video “nirvana” opportunity to view any or all of these 31 videos from the recently concluded RootsTech 2015:

2015 RootsTech Program Videos

You may have heard the term in the know lately about “binge” viewing.  That  term applies to the likes of NetFlix and their recently released “House of Cards” series that is exclusive to them.  They release all the episodes at once and fans of the show simply “binge” watch all the episodes in one “binge” setting.

Here is your chance to do some “binge” watching of your own at the RootsTech 2015 site for any or all of the 31 videos they have available to views.

I am happy to admit that I have just completed viewing 3 of the videos so far!

These are great videos to become genealogically smarter, learn about a genealogy subject that is totally foreign to you or just simply view to get inspired!

You know there is more snow coming starting tonight into Sunday.  Kick back a little if you can.  Get yourself to the RootsTech videos at the above link and while away the time viewing some of these great videos while we go through another storm!

I just spent some time doing a little “mini binge” viewing.

Now it’s your turn!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Update Post Regarding March 7, 2015 Genealogy Program With D. Joshua Taylor At The Newberry Library; Program Is Full; Registration Is Closed; Walk-Ins Not Accepted

Hi Everyone,

Newberry Library LogoI previously made a post that the Newberry Library in conjunction with the Chicago Genealogical Society was having a genealogy program on Saturday, March 7, 2015 that featured D. Joshua Taylor as a program presenter.  Registration to attend the program was necessary.  Walk-ins are not allowed.

I have seen that the Chicago Genealogical Society website is now making note that the program is indeed “full” and closed for any further attempted registration.

Unfortunately, if you did not register yourself soon after my original posting, it is now too late to do so.

Chicago Genealogical Society LogoD. Joshua Taylor is a “hot” genealogy commodity at this time with him being one of the lead genealogists on the PBS show “Genealogy Roadshow”.

I am at least glad that I noticed the program is full and I can report that information back to you now in case you were still thinking about it.  Look at the Chicago Genealogical Society webpage under their “Upcoming Events” link to see the program is full and closed for any further registration.

I guess it is true, “You gotta strike when the iron is hot!”.

You can visit the Newberry Library website at:

Newberry Library

You can visit the Chicago Genealogical Society website at:

Chicago Genealogical Society

My original posting of the program follows below the separator line.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


Hi Everyone!

Newberry Library LogoI just received some publicity information from the Newberry Library that they will be having a Genealogy Saturday program that will feature D. Joshua Taylor on March 7, 2015.

You will hopefully recognize the name of the presenter.  D. Joshua Taylor is one of the prominent genealogists showcased on the PBS series “Genealogy Roadshow”.

The program is free.  Registration is required.  Walk-Ins are not allowed under any circumstances.  Seating capacity is limited.

Doors open at 8:30 AM.  The program starts at 9 AM.  Lunch (not included) will be from 11:15 AM to 12:45 PM.  A list of nearby restaurants will be provided at the event.  Balance of the program will be from 12:45 PM to 2:45 PM.

D. Joshua Taylor will present:

  • Go West! Beginning Midwestern Research
  • Finding the Roots of Your Family Legends
  • On and Off the Net: Locality Searching
  • Putting It together: A Case Study

You can view a copy of the “flyer” provided to me by the Newberry Library here:

March 7, 2015 Genealogy Saturday at the Newberry Library with D. Joshua Taylor

Here is also the text provided to me from the Newberry in their e-mail notification to me:


Join us on March 7th for a very special event sponsored by the Newberry and the Chicago Genealogical Society – four lectures by popular genealogist D. Joshua Taylor, of Who Do You Think You Are (NBC and TLC) and Genealogy Roadshow (PBS) fame.

D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS is the Director of Family History at Findmypast, a global leader in the family history industry. Passionate about the future of family history, Joshua is a nationally known and recognized genealogical author, lecturer, and researcher and a frequent speaker at family history events across the globe.

This is a free event, however registration is required. Be sure to register early, as seats are limited. Bring your registration receipt with you the day of the event. No walk-ins will be accepted. You can register at: https://go.newberry.org/page.aspx?pid=1341

Doors will open at 8:30. Lunch is not provided, however a list of area restaurants will be available.


Think of spending a day with an incredibly talented genealogy persona!

Check out one of the recent “Genealogy Roadshow” episodes if you are not familiar with D. Joshua Taylor.  You can view these shows at :

Genealogy Roadshow Website at PBS

Sounds like a great day, with a great speaker and some great programs to advance your genealogy research knowledge!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Take A Genealogy Cruise! Federation Of Genealogical Societies Offering 2015 Alaskan Cruise August 28, 2015 To September 4, 2015

Hi Everyone!

FGS LogoAs I was reviewing one of our recent journals I noticed that the back page had an ad for an upcoming genealogy cruise.

Genealogy cruises have become very popular over the recent years.  Some have been one week cruises, some longer.  Some have been to the Caribbean.  Some have been to Europe.

What caught my eye on this one is that it is a cruise to Alaska.  I don’t think I have seen that destination noted for a genealogy cruise.

The cruise is being sponsored by the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS).  It will take place from August 28, 2015 to September 4, 2015 sailing from Seattle, WA.  The cruise will take place on the Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas.

The following 4 noted genealogy speakers will be on the cruise:

  • Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
  • D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS
  • David Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
  • Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL

Conference registration opens April 1, 2015.

Further information about the conference rates, the cruise rates, the program scheduled times and other news can be obtained at:

2015 Alaskan Genealogy Cruise Sponsored By Federation Of Genealogical Societies

Here is also the 1 page back cover I noticed when reviewing a genealogy journal:

2015 Alaskan Genealogy Cruise Ad Found In “Internet Genealogy”

Sounds like an interesting cruise to a destination  that is certainly for those with a taste for a somewhat cooler climate!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library