Archives of Posts and PDF Genealogy Newsletter Now Available

Hi Everyone,

Please take a look at the right side of the blog page.

You will now see that we added a WordPress Widget to create an archives of our posts.  You will now see them categorized by the month they were created.  You often find this as “standard” on most blogs.  I just wanted to make it easier to look at posts over a given span of months.

The other new category you will see on the right side of our blog is the “Newsletter” category.  In this section you will now be able to find PDF images of the Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Newsletter that I create each month.  In this newsletter you will find some of the following information on a month to month basis:

  • Our feature program for the following month.
  • Information on numbers of participants at our programs and the number of surnames these participants are researching.
  • A list of “short” and “timely pieces of genealogical news, often originating from Dick Eastman’s genealogy blog.
  • Upcoming program information for the Northwest Suburban Council of Genealogists, Du Page County Genealogical Society and the Computer Assistance Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois.
  • An “Internet” section often containing longer items of interest that apply to news items that pertain to the Internet, often coming from the Dick Eastman genealogy blog.
  • A “Periodical Section” in which I summarize some of the recently added genealogical journals we may have just received into our collection.  This is a great place to see what articles appear in these journals so you will know to read the entire article that could help with your own research.
  • A “Books in Print” section in which I make note of recently added genealogy books to our collection.
  • A “Software/Hardware” section in which I make note of items of interest that are software or hardware related that can have some impact on your genealogical research or methodology.  These items often come from the Dick Eastman genealogy blog.
  • A “Funny Bone” section in which I like to include some form of genealogical humor.
  • A “Calendar” section in which I like to include known local upcoming genealogical programs, including that of our library, for up to one year out into the future.

The newsletter was one of the handouts I included at our monthly genealogy programs.  I plan on making this newsletter available on the blog so I can stop making paper copies for handouts and for mailing.

You should easily be able to look at the newsletter from our blog or even print it up for your own reading at leisure.  I caution you that our newsletter is often at least 30+ pages each month.  So you may want to think about printing it!  But at least you will now know you can look at it here via the blog.  It is also hyperlinked so you can quickly move within the newsletter to the sections highlighted.  You can also visit the web site links that are contained in the newsletter.

So I do have a lot of “stuff”” developing with the blog that I am just learning and beginning to feel comfortable with.  Be patient with me as my “blogging” skills improve over time.

A big thanks to Kris in our Reference Department for guiding me through this blogging process!

Keep coming back to our blog to find new and interesting parts.

Thanks for visiting.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

One response to “Archives of Posts and PDF Genealogy Newsletter Now Available

  1. Great to have links in the newsletter on line that are hyperlinked.
    Thanks for the information.

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