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DuPage County Genealogical Society Annual Conference to Take Place on Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I want to remind everyone of the upcoming Annual Conference that is held by the Du Page County Genealogical Society.

Their conference will take place on Saturday, February 27, 2010 at the Hilton Garden Inn in St. Charles, IL from 8 AM until about 4 PM.  At 8 AM, you can register as a walk-in if you have not previously registered, have some morning refreshments that you can buy and take a look at the materials available for purchase from the vendors that are also participating at the conference.  The actual genealogy presentations will start at 9 AM.  The last series of genealogical presentations will start at 3 PM.

I have previously mentioned this upcoming annual conference at our own programs and have provided those in attendance with a paper handout of the conference details.

I encourage everyone to visit the Du Page County Genealogical Society Annual Conference Information directly at the following link:


At their site in the above link you will find out all the details about the upcoming program such as:

  • Information about the Hilton Garden Inn and driving directions to the facility.
  • Registration Fees (Walk-Ins are welcome.  Supplied lunch cannot be guaranteed but there are plenty of places in the local vicinity to have a lunch on your own.)
  • Program Titles, Times, Intended Level of the Program (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)and Speakers.
  • Speaker Biographies
  • Vendor Information
  • Other Societies Information
  • Information on Previous Annual Conferences

I am a big proponent for attending these one day, all day local conferences.  You will be exposed to multiple genealogy presentations that you can choose to attend throughout the day.

There are 4 segments of programs that occur.  One is at 9 AM, one at 10:30 AM, one at 1:30 PM and one at 4 PM.  Within each segment are 3 unique presentations.  You will be attending one of the three within the segments that is of interest to you.  So you will actually be able to hear four unique programs among the 12 that will be offered.

The speakers that will be offering their unique presentations are:

  • Jeffrey Bockman
  • John Phillip Colletta
  • Kathy Meade
  • Elissa Scalise Powell

These speakers are some of the best of the best that you can encounter as you expand your genealogical knowledge.

I have previously attended this conference.  It is one of the best conferences that you can attend in the local area.  If you have never attended such an all-inclusive one day conference, then this is the one to experience.  The location is close, the facility is great, the organization is superb, the programs are outstanding, the speakers are top-rated, the vendors have great material and other societies are represented!

You will have a great genealogical learning experience in one day that will expand your genealogical knowledge and assist you further in your own research efforts.

Take a closer look at the Du Page County Genealogical Society Annual Conference Information by clicking on the link I provided above.  All of the information about the conference can be found here.

Our library provides one program per month.  Here is your chance to hear four presentations by top-rated speakers in one day.

I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

National Genealogical Society 2010 Family History Conference Brochure

Hi Everyone!

The National Genealogical Society has an annual multi-day conference each year.

This year’s program is scheduled for April 28, 2010 through May 1, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

You can view the full-color 16 page registration brochure at their web site by clicking on the following link at:

Attending a national conference such as this is an eye-opening genealogical experience that I would recommend at least once in a lifetime for researchers.  There are literally 180 informative hour-long programs that are scheduled during this program between 8 AM through 4 PM.  There are even  programs going on through the early evening if you can’t get enough information on genealogy from 8 AM until 4 PM!

This brochure is one that in the past I would have made a copy for distribution to our genealogy program  participants.  However, now that I am writing this blog, it is more appropriate to direct you to the National Genealogical Society website directly for you to take a look at their full 16 page color brochure they have put together.

The above link will take you directly to this 16 page incredible brochure.

Even if you do not go to this program or another one down the road, I always recommend that you should take a look at the variety of programs being offered.  You may very well find a program with a great speaker that fits right in with your own research aspirations.  You will then possibly have a contact to make with the speaker to see if they can help answer a question you may have on the genealogical topic of interest.

Also take a look at the long list of world-renowned genealogical speakers that are in the brochure.

These are the best of the best!

Your paths may cross with them through material they may have already published.  Some may even be local to our own area.  Some may very well be speakers we have had at our library offering some great genealogical programs for you to learn from!

Take a look through the brochure to gain a sense of magnitude of what a national genealogical conference looks like.  It is amazing.  These conference are often attended by anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 fellow researchers.  Vendors are also present selling their wares.

This conference can be nothing short of genealogy nirvana!

Check out the brochure.  Check out the NGS Program.  Try to attend one once in your life.  You won’t be disappointed.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Added PREVIOUS PROGRAMS 2002 – 2009 Page to the Blog

Hi Everyone!

I just added a new PAGE to the blog titled PREVIOUS PROGRAMS 2002 – 2009 to the blog.

Just look for it at the top of the blog.

Maybe you remember a program or speaker we had at one time.  Use this page to refresh your memory.  The programs are presented in order from 2009 back to 2002.  The programs within each year are in January through December month order.

Enjoy your travel through Memory Lane as it pertains to our past library genealogy programs!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Added a New Page of FAVORITE LINKS to the Top of the Blog

Hi Everyone!

I just added a new PAGE to the top of the blog called FAVORITE LINKS.

The core of these links are what our library makes available at the Reference Desk to help genealogical researchers become aware of key genealogical web sites in paper format.

I decided to make these available as direct links within the blog rather than the need to be entered in manually from the handout paper we offer.

For most researchers, these will seem very familiar.

For new researchers, consider this your starting point to build from.

I plan to add to these routinely.

I did check them out and the links behind the title of the site all seem to link to the site OK.  You should not have any problem in accessing the sites.

Enjoy the links.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Added New CATEGORIES Groups on Sidebar

Hi Everyone,

I have also added a new CATEGORIES capability on the right sidebar of this blog.

This allows me to create a variety of categories of the types of posts that I am doing.  Once I create the post I can then put this identifier on the post so that all like posts group together under the category I have established.

As an example, when I make a post about a notice of an upcoming genealogy program, I can post it and categorize under that category.  It will post routinely on the blog but will also show up under the category I chose so that you can just open up the one category and see all of the posts grouped under the category title if you choose.

When I upload a Newsletter or a Handout Summary, I will make note of that post and categorize the post into that grouping.

It just makes browsing through the totality of posts a little easier if one of the categories is of interest to you for a quick review.

Right now I want to be cautious of doing too much categorization because I do not want the reader to have to scroll down a huge, long list of categories.  So right now I have what I need on the blog to separate the posts into some common categories.

Just visit the right sidebar and look at the CATEGORIES section after the Newsletters and Program Handouts and see what you think.


Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Added A New SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG Capability in the Sidebar

Hi Everyone!

Please note that another new capability was added to the right sidebar of this blog.

You will now see a SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG in the right hand sidebar.  This is the RSS Feed that you can subscribe to.  You will notice you can subscribe to either the POST feed or the COMMENTS feed or to both of them.

If you click on either of these RSS Feeds or both, a feed link will be created for your use that can be read by a browser or by a stand-alone RSS Reader like Google Reader.  When I click on this link, a link address appears that you save as a bookmark like entry.  I saved mine in a folder I created in Safari, the browser I use.  When I create a new post, you will see a counter in this link when I read it in my browser that tells me that a new post has occurred on the blog.  I can then go directly to the feed that I saved and see what the post is.  I do not have to go directly back to the blog to see if any new posts have occurred if I activate the RSS Feed.  I can read the most recent post, and others, from within the RSS Feed link to my machine.

WordPress allows me to create an RSS link for either Posts or for Comments.  Again you can activate only posts if you only want to know when I create a new post.  Or you can activate the Comments links if you only want to know when Comments have been left.

If you want to be notified if either a Post or a Comment was left, then activate both of the RSS Feeds.

I think I will work on creating a new page within this blog that will appear on the top of the blog that may have an even better description of what this RSS feed is.

I have personally activated both of the RSS Feeds on this blog and have seen within my browser Safari that in effect I am notified that a new post was created on this blog.  I click on that link within what I saved as a Bookmark and it takes me to the feed for the blog that shows all the postings.  I can read all the posts within this feed or I can click on the most recent notification of a post or any post and I will be taken directly to the blog itself.

I may not be doing as good a job of explaining this RSS function but I can tell you it works and I was able to successfully activate it and see notifications of posting coming to me!

It is really not as hard as it may sound.

So now you can sit back and be notified of any new Posts or Comments occurring on the blog when you activate both of the feeds.  It makes it easier to see what has been added since the last time you may directly visited the blog site.

Give it a try.  If I can do it I know the area’s best genealogical researchers can certainly successfully activate the RSS Feeds!

I hope you like the recently added capabilities to the blog.


Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

A New SEARCH Feature Added to Sidebar

Hi Everyone!

Please note that you will now see a new SEARCH feature added on the right sidebar of this blog

This search feature will allow you to search all the blog posts that are part of this overall blog.

Try a keyword or a phrase to see if it was mentioned among the various posts.

One other thing I did notice with the SEARCH feature is that if WordPress gives you a list of result “hits” in which the search term is contained among the posts,  IT DOES NOT HIGHLIGHT the hit.  You will still have to read through the entire post to find the words you used in your search.  So you will have to do a little bit of work.  I sure wish WordPress at least highlighted the search term used among the various hits.

Another thing I did notice in this SEARCH feature is that it will not find keywords or phrases that may be contained in the COMMENTS left by readers.  I was a little surprised at that inability by WordPress but it is what it is.

If you remember that something was mentioned in the blog but you just can’t remember when it was mentioned or in what particular post, then just try the SEARCH feature in the Sidebar using some creative search terms to see if you can find it within a post.

Thank you.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library