Added A New SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG Capability in the Sidebar

Hi Everyone!

Please note that another new capability was added to the right sidebar of this blog.

You will now see a SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG in the right hand sidebar.  This is the RSS Feed that you can subscribe to.  You will notice you can subscribe to either the POST feed or the COMMENTS feed or to both of them.

If you click on either of these RSS Feeds or both, a feed link will be created for your use that can be read by a browser or by a stand-alone RSS Reader like Google Reader.  When I click on this link, a link address appears that you save as a bookmark like entry.  I saved mine in a folder I created in Safari, the browser I use.  When I create a new post, you will see a counter in this link when I read it in my browser that tells me that a new post has occurred on the blog.  I can then go directly to the feed that I saved and see what the post is.  I do not have to go directly back to the blog to see if any new posts have occurred if I activate the RSS Feed.  I can read the most recent post, and others, from within the RSS Feed link to my machine.

WordPress allows me to create an RSS link for either Posts or for Comments.  Again you can activate only posts if you only want to know when I create a new post.  Or you can activate the Comments links if you only want to know when Comments have been left.

If you want to be notified if either a Post or a Comment was left, then activate both of the RSS Feeds.

I think I will work on creating a new page within this blog that will appear on the top of the blog that may have an even better description of what this RSS feed is.

I have personally activated both of the RSS Feeds on this blog and have seen within my browser Safari that in effect I am notified that a new post was created on this blog.  I click on that link within what I saved as a Bookmark and it takes me to the feed for the blog that shows all the postings.  I can read all the posts within this feed or I can click on the most recent notification of a post or any post and I will be taken directly to the blog itself.

I may not be doing as good a job of explaining this RSS function but I can tell you it works and I was able to successfully activate it and see notifications of posting coming to me!

It is really not as hard as it may sound.

So now you can sit back and be notified of any new Posts or Comments occurring on the blog when you activate both of the feeds.  It makes it easier to see what has been added since the last time you may directly visited the blog site.

Give it a try.  If I can do it I know the area’s best genealogical researchers can certainly successfully activate the RSS Feeds!

I hope you like the recently added capabilities to the blog.


Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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