Added New CATEGORIES Groups on Sidebar

Hi Everyone,

I have also added a new CATEGORIES capability on the right sidebar of this blog.

This allows me to create a variety of categories of the types of posts that I am doing.  Once I create the post I can then put this identifier on the post so that all like posts group together under the category I have established.

As an example, when I make a post about a notice of an upcoming genealogy program, I can post it and categorize under that category.  It will post routinely on the blog but will also show up under the category I chose so that you can just open up the one category and see all of the posts grouped under the category title if you choose.

When I upload a Newsletter or a Handout Summary, I will make note of that post and categorize the post into that grouping.

It just makes browsing through the totality of posts a little easier if one of the categories is of interest to you for a quick review.

Right now I want to be cautious of doing too much categorization because I do not want the reader to have to scroll down a huge, long list of categories.  So right now I have what I need on the blog to separate the posts into some common categories.

Just visit the right sidebar and look at the CATEGORIES section after the Newsletters and Program Handouts and see what you think.


Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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