POINTers In Person (PIP) Italian Genealogy Group Will Have a Program at Schaumburg Township District Library on March 20, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I have just received a notice from the local Italian Genealogy Group commonly known as POINTers In Person (PIP) that they will be having a genealogy program at the Schaumburg Township District Library on Saturday morning, March 20, 2010 from 10:30 AM until 12:30 PM.

They will be using the Rasmussen Conference Room on the 2nd floor of our library.

Their speaker for this program will be Diane Dassow.

Diane will give a program titled “Get the Scoop: Interviewing to Gather Family Stories”

Please visit the web site for this group to obtain further detailed information about the program and about the group.  You can visit them at POINTers In Person Chicago North Chapter 27.

For those doing Italian genealogy research you will want to become aware of this group as a great resource for your own Italian research.  Participating with groups that focus on your own ethnic area of genealogical interest is one of the best ways to advance your own research.  You can learn from those that have been researching longer than you on the subject and you can also teach those that may not have the depth of research knowledge that you may have acquired.

The PIP group often uses our library for its programs.  As I become aware of any future programs I will certainly share that via this blog.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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