Is Now Available For Home Use for Schaumburg Township District Library Card Holders

Hi Everyone!

Great news for fellow Schaumburg Township District Library genealogy researchers!

One of our electronic genealogy databases that was formally only available to use within our library building IS NOW AVAILABLE TO USE FROM HOME! is now available for home users who have a library card issued to them by our library.

Your library card must have been issued to you by our library in order for you to have home access to this product.  At the point of accessing this database you will be required to enter in you Schaumburg Township District Library card number that is on your picture ID library card.  Unfortunately, those that do not reside in our district will not be able to access this database.

If your library card was issued to you by another library, please check with them as to the availability of this database or other genealogy databases through them.  Each public library generally has available most of the genealogically oriented databases as we do.  You may have registered your non-Schaumburg Township District Library card with us in order to obtain book borrowing privileges, but those borrowing privileges do not apply to accessing our electronic databases from home.

You are always welcome to come into our library to use any of our electronic database material if your library card was issued to you by another library.

You can access this database from our web site at:

I have been able to access the database from home with no problem.  Others have also told me access from home is OK.

What follows in Italics is from the web site that provides some background information on who they are:

Footnote helps you find and share historic documents. We are able to bring you many never-before-seen historic documents through our unique partnerships with The National Archives, the Library of Congress and other institutions.

Our patented digitization process is helping bring other collections to life on the web everyday.

But Footnote is more than just a dusty, digital archive online. We provide you the tools to share your historical passions and connect with others.

Footnote is perfect for

  • History Buffs
  • Genealogists
  • Researchers
  • Family Historians
  • Military Historians
  • Teachers
  • Institutions

Company History

The concept for is rooted in the company’s years of experience in the digitization business as iArchives, Inc. Starting in 1999, iArchives digitized historical newspapers and other archive content for leading universities, libraries and media companies across the United States.

From the beginning, the iArchives team developed a unique understanding of the value of creating an online repository for the world’s original source documents. Leveraging the proprietary systems and patented processes built for the digitization of paper, microfilm and microfiche collections, the management team made a strategic decision: Use the iArchives platform to provide access to these historically significant and valuable collections.

In January of 2007 goes live with over 5 million documents already featured on the site. Today we continue to grow and bring to life history that was once hidden.

If you are not familiar with this source, make a visit to the site now that it is available from home to our card holders.  It is another great resource to tap into for your genealogy research.  It is also very interactive.  See what new information you can find about your ancestors in

Schaumburg Township District Library card holders, enjoy the database from home!!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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