Chicago Biography and Industry File Spanning 1876 to 1937 at the Newberry Library As A PDF File

Hi Everyone!

One of our librarians made me aware of a resource that is available from the Newberry Library of Chicago.  The material  is titled “Chicago Biography and Industry File”.  It is a 359 page PDF file that consists of 6 pages of bibliographic material in the Newberry collection covering Chicago biographies in the area of industry.  The balance of the pages in this document is a gigantic list of names of individuals linking the name in the index to the page in the resource where the name can be found.

If you have any ancestors of note in the areas of business or industry in Chicago between 1876 and 1937, your ancestor’s name may even appear in this great index!  Finding a name in this resource will automatically provide you with the resource from which it was found.  You can then do further research in the material and see how your ancestor gained notoriety within the Chicago business and industry community during the time period covered.

You can see this possibly valuable resource material for your research by visiting it at:

See if you possibly have any famous ancestors in this massive list of names of important people in the area of business and industry from Chicago during the 1876 to 1937 time period.

Even if you do not find an ancestor in the name index, browse through the bibliographic material.  There are some interesting titles that appear to provide a good overview of an industry or business that may still connect with some aspect of your genealogical research.  Many of the titles appear to indicate that the material may connect to your ethnic area of interest e.g. I saw titles that focused on Germans, Poles, Swedes, Czechs, Norwegians and their contributions to Chicago business and industry.

Maybe you do not find a specific name in the index, but seeing the generality of the bibliographic material may make you aware of a resource that may help your research efforts in the ethnic groups mentioned in the title of the material.

Check out the material via the link and see if any of it can help you.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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