Summary of Our Most Recent Genealogy Program That Was Held on September 14, 2010

Hi Everyone!

We had our most recent Genealogy Program at the Schaumburg Township District Library on Tuesday evening, September 14, 2010.  It was one of our quarterly “break out” sessions.  We did not have a speaker for the program.  Instead we had our “break out” work groups giving the opportunity for those interested in various ethnic areas of research to sit with fellow researchers and both learn new things about the topic as well as to share items of interest to help make researching the topic more productive.

We had groups for:

  • Irish Researchers
  • German Researchers
  • Polish Researchers
  • Czech Researchers
  • Italian Researchers
  • Scandinavian Researchers
  • British Isles Researchers
  • Colonial American
  • General “Troubleshooting” Group
  • Beginner’s Group

We also had the laptop computer set up and connected to the projector to allow anyone to use during the session.

We had a total of 37 researchers in attendance for the program.

It did appear that the vast majority of attendees were situated at the Irish, German and Polish tables as well as at the Beginner’s Table that was being led by myself.

We had 3 new people attend the program.  I asked them to introduce themselves.  Each was given a welcoming package of genealogical material to assist them in their research.

I then reviewed the “handouts” package electronically from what was posted on this blog for this program.  Just look at the right sidebar of this blog for an “archive” of past “Newsletters” and “Handouts”.  I want to use the handouts to keep those in attendance informed of upcoming genealogy programs, news of note in genealogy as well as some summaries of interesting magazine/journal articles that seemed to really hit home with some new research information on a particular genealogical topic.

I do want to apologize for the delay on the “break out” groups.  I normally target a start of these groups by no later than 8 to 8:15 PM.  We did not actually start until about 8:30 PM because I spent a good amount of time sharing with the attendees that I had become an LDS Indexer with the Records Pilot Project.  This is the ongoing project that anyone can sign up with the LDS to become an Indexer assisting with indexing the 2.5 million microfilms the LDS is digitizing and indexing, thus making this data available to fellow researchers for free on the Internet.

I did ask those in attendance if anyone else was involved in doing LDS Indexing.  If I remember correctly, two other attendees indicated they were doing indexing and one other attendee was involved as an “arbitrator” who makes the final decision on what will be uploaded if 2 indexers had differences on what was in the record they were indexing.

My excitement in participating in this project was evident and it caused me to talk about it far longer than I expected.  Many questions from those in attendance did arise from my comments.  I hope I was informative and was able to encourage those in attendance to also consider becoming Indexers or Arbitrators.

I hope to shortly make a rather “large” post to this blog about my experiences being an Indexer.

I also hope to see if I can put the material together and actually present information on this topic at some future date as a program unto itself.

Again, I apologize for not getting us started with the “break out” groups until 8:30 PM.

We had a table full at the Beginner’s table having about 12 people sitting there listening to me give advice and direction on what to focus on and how to progress with research.

I did notice that the German, Polish and Irish tables were so intense on their sharing of information that I had to indicate at 9:30 PM that we needed to end the groups so we could start closing down and rearranging the tables to their original layout ion the room before the library closed at 10:00 PM.

I especially want to say a big “thank you” to those that were still there at 9:30 PM and helped rearrange the room.  I could not do it without your help!!  Thank you, all of you!!

I also want to thank those of you that took many of the newcomers under your wings to help them with individual one on one time while I was busy assisting others.  You are so sharing!  You know who you are!  Thank you so much again for offering such personal assistance.

Based on an observation, I would certainly encourage future participants at these quarterly sessions to consider bringing in a laptop or a notebook to have to use at the table you choose to participate at.  Because of our wonderful Wi-Fi setup, you can easily tap into our Internet setup directly from your laptop or notebook and not have to worry about using our own laptop/projector set up to show someone some piece of information.  It looked like at least one person at each of the major tables had a laptop.  It looked like it worked out quite well.  Please bring your laptop or notebook to these special sessions in the future because it looks like the work at the tables can be even more productive using the laptop or notebook to tap into the Internet via our own Wi Fi setup.

Please remember that we have these special “break out” sessions in the months of March, June, September and December on the 2nd Tuesday evening of the month.

We certainly had a great turnout of very highly motivated researchers who were craving to learn new things and to share the things they knew about with others.  My hats off to all of you for such enthusiasm you brought to the program.

Thank you again to all of you that came out to participate.

We hope to see you again at our upcoming programs.

Keep coming back to this blog to stay in touch with what is going on about our genealogy programs as well as other genealogy programs in our general area.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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