Take A Look at the Chicago Genealogist Publication from the Chicago Genealogical Society for the Illinois Staats Zeitung Newspaper Translations

Hi Everyone!

The Chicago Genealogical Society publishes the Chicago Genealogist for members.

Our library is a member of the society and therefore obtains copies of the Chicago Genealogist so that anyone can look at this publication in our library.

I thought I would mention that there has been a great series of articles that have been appearing in this journal over the last many issues that would be of great interest to anyone doing German ancestral research in the city of Chicago during the late 1860s and early 1870s.

Gail Santroch of the society has been submitting for publication with this journal translations of the German-language newspaper that is titled Illinois Staats Zeitung that were translated by Virginia Dick.  This newspaper was in existence from 1848 to 1922.

I have noticed these translated articles of this newspaper and find that the newspaper articles are incredibly interesting to look at, even if you do not have any German ancestral research in Chicago. 

You can certainly tell that the writers of this newspaper at this time in history did not have any sense of “political correctness” the way they created the articles.  The wording can be humorous and blunt at the same time!

What makes these articles even better is that the Chicago Genealogical Society has been including all of the names that are mentioned in the various articles within the index at the end of the issue of the Chicago Genealogist in which the article was published!!

This means you can easily discover if any of your German ancestors’ names that might have actually been in the newspaper story by looking through the index of the Chicago Genealogist in which a particular time period of the German newspaper was translated.

All of the stories in the German newspaper are not completely focused only on German citizens of Chicago.  There are many, many non-German names mentioned in the articles and contained in the index of the society journal.

You will see translated newspaper stories on robberies of the day, murders of the day, horse cart accidents, marriage license announcements, visitors from outside of Chicago visiting their Chicago relatives, death announcements, accidents and injuries!

You just have to read some of these to really get the feel for how news items were reported in Chicago in the early 1870s in Chicago!

So far as of October 2010 there have been 7 Parts of translations of this German newspaper that have appeared in the Chicago Genealogist.  The journal is published quarterly so it appears these translations have been occurring in the journal over the last two years.

Our library has current and past copies of the Chicago Genealogist for you to look through to see these fascinating series of translation articles of the Illinois Staats Zeitung German-language newspaper.

I think Gail Santroch and Virginia Dick should be congratulated for all of the translation work and publication work to make these great newstories available to all of us with a Chicago ancestral background, especially if it is a German background.

If you are in our library, please take a look at these publications.  You can find the current issue of the journal on our magazine shelves on the 2nd floor of our library.  Past issues of the journal can be looked at by going to the Information Desk on the 2nd floor of our library and asking for the back issues.

You may also want to visit the web site of the Chicago Genealogical Society to browse around all that they have related to their publications and other items of interest of the society.  Unfortunately, online viewing of the journal does not appear to exist from the website.  You can see a “highlight” list of some of the key articles published int heir journal over the years at the website.  You can purchase individual copies of the journal directly from the society if perhaps a highlighted article is of interest to you.

You can visit the Chicago Genealogical Society directly at


I really think you will get a kick out of this great newspaper material!!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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