Check Out Some Fascinating and Informative “Webinars” at Legacy Family Tree

Hi Everyone!

I was made aware of some fascinating archived online “webinars” that are being made available from Legacy Family Tree from the LDS in an e-mail.

Consider a Webinar as an online “Seminar”.  These are learning programs online for which you register to participate at the time the actual event is scheduled.  Participants can “attend” online from anywhere around the world at that particular time.  Many of these “webinars” can be as long as 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours in length.

Legacy Family Tree has at their website a calendar of upcoming “live” webinars that you can register to participate in.  Check out the variety of topics that are on the calendar for future dates.

More importantly, look at many of the “archived” webinars that are being made available from Legacy Family Tree.  They are fantastic!!!

I spent 90 minutes the other day looking at the webinar that was presented on October 6, 2010.  The webinar topic was “Helping Unlock the World’s Records – An Insider’s Perspective on Family Search Indexing”.  The presenter for the webinar was Jim Ericson.

Jim presented a wonderful overview of the LDS record gathering process that has been in place since 1898.  He showed how the process has migrated from paper to microfilm to digitization.  The webinar also focused on some tips for indexers currently  contributing their efforts to index records.

After the presenter finished the program the phone lines were opened for those participating to call in with any of their questions.

Everything technically went well without a hitch!  The sound quality was good.  The PowerPoint presentation was great and the call-in questions were of good quality both at a sound level and at an interesting question level.

I was quite impressed with the archived webinar.  It was impressive and I really learned a lot in the 90 minute program.

I highly recommend visiting the Legacy Family Tree web site and take a look at the webinars that are coming up “live” as well as for those that have taken place and are now in the archives.

Visit the “webinar” part of the Legacy Family Tree web site at:

I personally was focusing on the archived webinars and not so much the “live” ones to register for.  Those in the archives can be viewed on my schedule whereas the “live” webinars require a dedicated time commitment to participate in an uninterrupted manner.

You want to get better at doing genealogical research??

Check out the above web site and see what interests you to help you be a better researcher.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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