New Links for Online Classes/Tutorials Added to “Favorite Links” Page of This Blog

Hi Everyone!

I have been very impressed with some online genealogy tutorials/classes that I have been using that I wanted to let you know about and add them as permanent links in the “Favorite Links” Page of this blog.

Legacy Family Tree offers some great “Webinars” that you can register for to participate in a “live” manner as well as viewing the webinars in an archive manner after they have been presented.  These are very well put together based on my observation of one of them that was in the archives that I viewed.  It was a 90 minute webinar that included a Power Point presentation as well as hearing phone-in questions.

I have also been very impressed with the “Online Classes” that are being offered by the Mormons at the Family Search website.  These classes are video presentations that have been created in a professional manner in which you will see and hear the speaker as well as seeing the presentation slides.  This site is well-worth visiting to access these great tutorials on a myriad of genealogical subject by some great speakers.

When you visit my blog, just look at the “Pages” that run across the top part of the home page of the blog.  Look for the page that says “Favorite Links”.  When it opens up, scroll down the list of the favorite links I have created and look for the new additional topic within the list that says “Online Classes/Tutorials”.  You will find the two links I have created in this category for Legacy Family Tree Webinars and for the Mormon FamilySearch Online Classes.

Give them both a try.  Look at what they offer.  Pick a topic of interest and listen to the class.  I believe you will like them and will feel it is well-worth the time you spend listening to them.

Enjoy the “new” favorite links!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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