Site Is Now “Live”; Beta Version Trial Is Over

Hi Everyone!

I just visited the web site and discovered that what was previously available to check out as a “beta” site is now the “live” site.  If you visit the web site at you will immediately see a completely “remodeled” appearance to the site.  If you had not visited the “beta” site over the last few months then you will not recognize what you now see.

Visit the “What’s New” link on the site to obtain further insights into why the site was so redesigned and what new benefits you will reap via the new site that you did not get from the old site appearance.

I know that it may seem like a shock to your system having to navigate through a new appearance.  But be patient, explore the site looking for familiar landmarks.  Try out the search capability and see how you can modify the search terms to obtain better search results.  Some of the result hits may be accompanied by images, some may not yet have the images.  If an image is not available for a hit it will indicate that and give you an idea that the image will be there at some time.

You may not really pay attention to some links that are not obvious at first.  Our first inclination will be to start using the search box on the initial page of the redesigned site.  Before you only think that there are a few links at the top of the newly designed first page, take some time to scroll down fully to the bottom of the web site.  Here you will find in much too small type size, links to a variety of other resources.

More importantly, if you simply like the familiarity of the old page, the LDS has provided a link at the bottom of the newly redesigned page that will get you to the old site that is familiar to you!  I think that is a very nice gesture offered by the LDS.  However, I am not sure that you will have access to the newly designed material at the new site or to the increased number of databases from the new site.  So you may restore your comfort level at the old site but at the price of not moving forward with all the new things at the new site! 

I say go for the newly redesigned site and learn about all of the new things.  That is what genealogists do to keep their research skills at the cutting edge!!

Please remember the web address we are all familiar with HAS NOT CHANGED.  The site address is still  The site itself at the same address is what is now different in appearance.

Enjoy the new site and be patient.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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