Which Online Genealogy Software To Use? Dick Eastman Has a Great Response To This Question

Hi Everyone!

I was browsing through some of Dick Eastman’s material at his blog at www.eogn.com.  One recent post he had caught my eye because it is similar to the questions I may receive here myself as genealogy coordinator for the library.  Dick takes questions from individuals and thought that the question was good and had great applicability among all genealogy researchers.  He decided to publish his response as an open response so everyone could see what his suggestions would be. 

That question has been “What online genealogy software should I use to create my data and make it easy for me to share?”.

Rather than paraphrase what Dick created for a response, I am going to provide a direct link to the entry on his blog that addresses his lengthy and informative response to the questions about what genealogical software should someone use.

You can take a look at what Dick Eastman’s thoughts were about the question and look at the long list of suggestions he had based on how you want to create your data and be able to share the data you have created online.  Dick’s response to the question was broken down into three ways to approach these online resources to place your data:

  • Contribute to someone else’s database
  • Own your own online database
  • A blended approach – you control a database that belongs to someone else

Take a look at Dick Eastman’s great insights into this age-old genealogical question!  You can see Dick’s suggestions at:

Which Online Genealogical Software To Use?

In the day of “cloud computing” we ask ourselves how can we create online databases within which we want to work with others in a collaborative effort in order to add new data over time with new genealogical discoveries.  The day of the “lineage program only on your computer” may have limited time left as the trend seems to be to want to put your data online and work with others to add to it.

Dick really took some time to put together a list of resources that exist for researchers to use.  He noted the “plus” and “minuses” of each resource.

His blog post is definitely worth taking a long look at if you ever wanted to consider moving to the “computing cloud” with your genealogical material.  I did not realize how many resources existed for online lineage databases.

He really provided a very comprehensive list of suggestions for you to consider based on three categories of databases and control that I mentioned early on in this post.

Enjoy his article and I believe you will have a much clearer understanding of what is available in “cloud computing” for you to upload your research.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

One response to “Which Online Genealogy Software To Use? Dick Eastman Has a Great Response To This Question

  1. Hi Tony
    Firstly thank you for this interesting information. When I was building my family tree, the problem I found was finding a webshost company that understood my requirements. I was using the family tree software by Darren Lythgoe and he recommended webshosters.com. They moved my entire site for me without a hitch too.

    I think there are many good programs out there, but keeping them running is a big problem.


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