RootsTech – New Major Genealogy Conference To Take Place on February 10-12, 2011 in Salt Lake City

Hi Everyone!

I am a little late with this program notice of this upcoming 3 day newly created genealogical conference that will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 10-12, 2011.  Sorry for that.

Even though you may not have any interest in attending, it is always a good idea to simply be aware of what new major conferences are occurring in the genealogy.  They do not occur that often.  This is one of those new conferences!

It does appear that the theme of this conference overall is to focus on the technology aspects as they relate to genealogy and genealogical research.

The following is a quote taken directly from their web sites that identifies the purpose of this conference:

RootsTech is a new conference designed to bring technologists together with genealogists, so they can learn from each other and find solutions to the challenges we face in family history research today. Genealogists and family historians will discover exciting new research tools while technology creators will learn the latest development techniques from industry leaders and pioneers.

If you are a genealogy technology user, here is a quote from the website that is geared to you for why you should have an interest in the conference:

If you have ever clicked a mouse in the pursuit of your ancestors, RootsTech is for you! Discover new and emerging technologies that will improve and simplify your activities. Help shape the future of family history by sharing your feedback with technology innovators.

If you are a genealogy technology creator, here is a quote from the website that is geared to you for why you should have an interest in the conference:

Interested in creating solutions to challenging technology problems in a rapidly-growing market segment? At RootsTech, you’ll explore the latest development technologies using mobile apps, social networking, geo-mapping and more. Plus, get instant feedback on your ideas and creations from both users and peers.

Sounds like a great coming together of the minds of researchers and technologists both interested in making the genealogy research experience even better through technology.

There is a great FAQ section on the website that really provides good information on the Who, What, Where, When and Why of the conference.

It looks like the registration for the three-day event at this time is $150.  There is a $35 fee if you are a student and plan on attending the 3 day conference.

Keynote speakers for the conference are:

  • Shane Robison  – Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer,
    Chief Technology Officer, Hewlett Packard
  • Curt B. Witcher – Historical Genealogy Department Manager,
    Allen County Public Library
  • Brewster Kahle –  Founder of the Internet Archive, Digital Librarian
  • Jay Verkler –  CEO, FamilySearch International

Check out everything about the conference, especially the list of program topics and speakers who will be making presentations,  by visiting the conference website at:

Perhaps this conference will become a standard annual affair for both researchers and technology creators for genealogy products.  The topics and the speakers certainly look very good. 

As researchers, we all want to stay ahead of the “genealogy technology curve”.  This conference is intended to help you do that.  I believe that even if you don’t attend, it helps to be aware of what is happening in this ever-increasing combination of genealogy research and the technology that goes hand-in-hand with that effort.

Check out the above link to the site for what appears to be a great new conference on genealogy research and technology.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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