All Things Photos and Genealogy/Learn About Photos, Scanning etc. Online and with Videos from Eric Basir of PhotoGrafix

Hi Everyone!

What is the one thing all genealogists have in common??


Current ones, old ones, very old ones, digitized, on Kodak paper, tintype, identified ones and more often than not unidentified ones.  We all have hundreds and maybe even thousands of photos in our possession.  Some we took as pictures, some we obtained from our parents, some we have received from other family researchers as a result of our networking with other family researchers.

We often have questions about how to handle these precious pieces of history.

How should we care for them?

How should we scan them?

How can we improve them and touch them up?

How can we fix damaged ones that may have a rip?

Lots of questions on how to best handle and maintain those little pieces of treasures we have gotten to care for and pass on to the next generations in even better condition than when we received them.

I was just reading an article in the recently published Rodziny, a quarterly genealogy journal published by the Polish Genealogical Society of America, when I came across a recurring part of the publication that is often part of this journal.

Eric Basir of PhotoGrafix, a photo-retouching studio in Evanston, IL, often contributes articles to Rodziny.  I wanted to share with you some great Internet links to Eric’s presence on the web.  He has some “live” weekly programs online in which he teaches participants much about re-touching photos and all things photo-related.

Interact LIVE with Eric during the weekly “Ask the Retoucher Photoshop Q&A Show”, every Saturday at 10:00 AM EDT, 9:00 AM CDT, 8:00 AM MDT and 7:00 AM PDT.  He wants more genealogists to participate “because they have such interesting images and they can inspire new recruits to genealogy.  They can even call in with announcements for events and short promotions for your organizations.”

Connect with Eric “live” on a weekly basis to expand your knowledge on how best to care for your photos and enhance them by retouching.  You can connect with Eric weekly at:

You can also connect to Eric’s blog for a great deal of online training videos he offers to help you understand about photos and photo retouching.  You can visit the blog at:

And finally, you can visit Eric’s main web site for his business at:

Eric has a large presence in our Chicagoland area for his work with photo retouching and genealogy.  He is very open to make all of us better as retouchers of our own photos via all of his online teaching aids and videos to teach us about photos and retouching of photos.

Check out all of the above links for material from Eric that can help you better handle the many photos you have in your possession.

Enjoy the training and lessons!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library




One response to “All Things Photos and Genealogy/Learn About Photos, Scanning etc. Online and with Videos from Eric Basir of PhotoGrafix

  1. Eric will be speaking at the Cary Public Library on Saturday May 14th from 10am – 12:30pm. His first part of the program will be “Organizing Your Digital Photographs” and the next part will start at 11:15 on “Restoring Your Damaged Photographs”.
    All are welcome! Registration is required. Call the Cary Library at 847.639.4210 x227

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