Convert Your Home Old Home Movies, Audio Cassettes, VHS Tapes etc. To Digital Media / A Local Company Can Offer This Service

Hi Everyone!

I have made mention numerous times that it is important for those of us that have old home movies, old VHS tapes, old audio cassettes and the like that we need to consider converting these to digital media so that important family history information that may be on these materials can be saved for future generations.

This old format of media is deteriorating over time.  Devices you may have today that work to play the media may no longer work in the future and you will discover then that you cannot replace the device because it is no longer manufactured.

Don’t wait to act to convert your media in these formats to digital media.

One of our participants in our monthly genealogy programs has indicated that he has had his material digitally converted.  He would like to recommend the services of a company that has personally done the work for him in these conversions.  Our participant is completely satisfied with the work performed by the digital conversion company that was used.

I have personally not used this company so this is not a personal recommendation.  Our library itself is not making a recommendation.  I am simply providing the name of a company to consider doing your digital conversions because of a very satisfied customer that has been participating at our monthly genealogy programs.

The company to consider is:

Promo Video
593 N. York Rd.
Elmhurst, IL  60126
(630) 832-6767
Contact: Dave Price 

Whether you try the service above or find some other service of your choice, the importance of acting sooner than later to convert your old media to digital format is the important thing to consider.

Give it some thought!

It is very important not to lose the ability to listen to or view old films or cassettes because the media itself will deteriorate over time or you will discover you have no device to play it on.  Your family history captured on this old media is too valuable to take a chance and lose forever.

Don’t take the chance!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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