Photo Restoration Service Local To Our Schaumburg Area for Your Consideration

Hi Everyone!

I am often asked about who to suggest as a Photo Restoration Service for those of us that have old, faded or damaged photos that we are considering having repaired.

I was made aware of a possible service for you to consider to have your old photographs fixed and made better for viewing.

I have personally not used the service of this business so this is not a personal endorsement.  However, the provider of this service is someone who has attended our monthly programs and is offering this service through his business.   As a genealogical researcher himself, I just wanted to make you aware of his service and for you to take a look at all that is at his website related to the services he offers.

Please check out the services of this business related to photo restoration at:

Perhaps you will see magic worked on your old photos should you pursue restoration.

There is a great deal of information you can obtain from the web site.  There are samples to view of the photo restoration you can expect to see with your own material.  There is plenty at the site for you to read and see about the services that are offered.

Give Jerry Metz a try to see if he can help with your photo restoration.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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