Take A Look At 6 Videos of Key Speakers from the Recent Roots Tech 2011 Conference (Link Included)

Hi Everyone!

A new annual Genealogy conference just closed its doors recently in February 2011.  Based on the “buzz” it sure sounds like it was very successful and that it will hopefully be an annually recurring event.  Its focus was on bringing together technology developers and genealogists and to showcase where the technical aspects of genealogy are headed.

If you were not an attendee in person at this great conference, the conference itself is making 6 online videos available for general consumption by those of us unable to attend in person.  These appear to be some very high level “keynote” addresses by those from the genealogy side of the house and those from the technology side of the house.

The videos are excellent in quality and most run about 1 hour in length.  So you have about 6 hours of watch time ahead of you if you choose to view all 6 of them.

You can see these videos by clicking on the following link:

RootsTech 2011 7 Key Speaker Videos

Key speakers from the conference you will see in the 6 videos are:

  • Jay Verkler, “RootsTech: Turning Roots, Branches, Trees Into Nodes, Links, Graphs”
  • Barry Ewell, “Digitally Preserving Your Family History”
  • Curt Witcher, “The Changing Face of Genealogy”
  • Brian Pugh, “Cloud Computing: What It Is and How Its Being Used”
  • Thomas MacEntee, moderator, “Virtual Presentations Roundtable”
  • Brewster Kahle, “Personal Archiving and Primary Documents”

I have so far viewed the first 4 speakers.  The first two are very good.  The Curt Witcher video is outstanding and highly recommended if you want to motivate yourself with your genealogy research.

Unfortunately, the 4th speaker, Brian Pugh on Cloud Computing, was soooooooo technical I could not get past the first 15 minutes.  It is not that he was not a good speaker but it was pure “geek speak” at a level I just couldn’t get and did not want to get!  Sorry Brian.

I still have two more viewings to see.

So take a look at the above link and spend some time viewing the videos.  If you have only one hour then make it a point to view the Curt Witcher video.  It is excellent and highly motivating.

Also, still take a look at the website for RootsTech itself even though the conference is ended.  You can get a good flavor for what was happening at the conference by looking at the list of programs and speakers that were offered in February 2011.  You can visit the conference web site at:

RootsTech Conference 2011

It sure sounds like this new conference has “legs” and will hopefully return again for a new conference in 2012.

Enjoy the videos.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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