Schaumburg Township District Library (STDL) Now Allows the Checking Out of Magazines

Hi Everyone!

A little while ago I mentioned in one of my blog posts that our library was setting up a process that would allow Schaumburg Township District Library cardholders the ability to check out magazines.

I am happy to say that the process has been activated and is now in place.

There are conditions that go with this process for checking out magazines and journals. 

Here are the rules that apply:

  • The current issue of the magazine does NOT circulate.
  • The ability to check magazines out is limited only to those customers that have had their library card issued to them by our library e.g. only STDL cardholders.  You will not be allowed this privilege if your library card was issued to you from another library.  Registering that card with us for other borrowing privileges does not qualify you to participate in this new magazine policy.
  • There is a limit of 5 issues to check out per customer.
  • There is a 1 week check out period.
  • No holds for magazines are allowed.
  • No renewals of magazines checked out are allowed.
  • There is a late fee of 10 cents per day for adult magazines not returned on time; there is a late fee of 5 cents per day for children’s magazines not returned on time.
  • If the magazine is not returned, lost, damaged or destroyed then a charge of the retail cost of the magazine will apply to the customer for that issue.

This new policy will now allow genealogy researchers the ability to check out magazines and journals on the subject according to the above rules.  This will obviously give you more time to read the material and the ability to do it off-site.

We hope that this new policy will make it easier for you overall to use this material in a more productive manner.

Please be aware that many of the genealogy journals are on a bi-monthly (every two month) schedule of issuance or a quarterly (every three months).  This will mean that we will have to receive the next issuance of the magazine before we can allow the most current issue to circulate.  We will just need a little time over the next months to receive more issues so that we will have on hand more than just the most current issue that is not allowed to circulate.

Feel free to call our Magazine/Info Desk for any clarification on this new policy.  They can be reached at 847-923-3347.

Our library is happy to be able to offer this new service.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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