Browse Through Un-Indexed Newly Added Data at To Discover Smaller Subsets of Data

Hi Everyone!

Are you frequently visiting the web site at to see what new files have been added to their online collection?  (I hope SO!)

Do you see a new file for a geographic area of the world that is of interest to you only to discover it is in an un-indexed state for viewing and contains only images available to view? 

Do you stop thinking about viewing this file because it is un-indexed?  (I hope NOT!)

Even though a new uploaded file is un-indexed, there is a good possibly there is great data there that is easily viewable.  You should not be scared off initially when you see that a file contains 800,000 un-indexed images.


Because breaks these files down further by geographic region as you keep clicking down the sub-files until you may discover a much smaller geographic subset of the large file that is exactly for the area of your interest.  You may click on this subset and discover there are only 110 pages of images of perhaps death records that may be of interest to you.  That is a very manageable number of pages for you to browse through page after page looking for information on your ancestors.

In essence, you will be viewing the data as if you were cranking a microfilm reader looking at page after page?

And just think, you might have never made the attempt if you were initially scared off by a statistic that said this file contained 800,000 un-indexed images.  The Mormons are doing a great job by subdividing the data into more manageable viewing files that can really help you.

Don’t just ignore un-indexed files without at least clicking your way through any subsets that exist to make it more easy for you to view much smaller subset files.

I looked at some newly released Polish data titled Poland, Roman Catholic Church Books, 1600-1950.  My first click on the general information got me to a page that had some text description of the file and indicated there were 749,955 records on this file.  Do not stop at this point!  Click on the link to open the file and you may be pleasantly surprised to see another further subdivision of these records to choose.  I can choose one of 5 Provinces of Poland.  Choose again.   Again you may be able to choose your data more meaningfully such as at an individual town name.

The following links give you an idea of how this looks when you keep “drilling down” from what looks like an insurmountable amount of data for an “entire file” of un-indexed data.

High Level File Description Provided by the Mormons

Polish Province Files Provided by the Mormons

Polish Town Name Files Provided by the Mormons

The above links are just successive clicks drilling down from the 750,000 record count provided from the general description to the list of towns you can pick that may get you down to a manageable number of pages to browse through.  Maybe you went from a 750,000 un-indexed records file to  a 2,000 un-indexed record file that is easily managed and viewed.

Don’t give up on large un-indexed files without seeing if further subdivisions occur.

It will be your loss!!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

2 responses to “Browse Through Un-Indexed Newly Added Data at To Discover Smaller Subsets of Data

  1. I’m on the team that helps to build the FamilySearch browse hierarchies. We are working as fast as we can to get more images up and to improve the browse levels. It’s an epic task, but we add to collections and make browse edits every day. Check back often!

    • Hi Christopher,

      Thank you for the work you are doing to make it even easier for genealogical researchers to make headway in accessing un-indexed files at

      I encourage everyone to check back frequently at your site for new material.

      Thanks to you, un-indexed files can be a great and easily used resource when you have broken them down into more manageable size pieces for browsing through.

      Perhaps the FamilySearch team could consider providing some kind of “map” overview of the geographic location of the material that is un-indexed at the main description page of the data rather than just providing the Province or Town or Village name subdivisions. This would allow a researcher to know he is “in the ballpark” for his ancestors’ geographic area.

      Just a thought for consideration to give researchers a better idea that the data may be for their area of interest.

      Thanks again for all that you and FamilySearch are doing. We appreicate the efforts.

      Tony Kierna
      Genealogy Coordinator
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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