Now Is the Time To Do Your On-Site Cemetery Research

Hi Everyone,

You can see from the terrible Spring weather we have had so far that the window of opportunity to do on-site cemetery research is definitely small in the Midwest.  Before you know it the leaves of Fall will be dropping on the graves of our ancestors making it that much harder for us to do our research.

I kid you not.  The window of opportunity is small for us do on-site cemetery research in our area.

I just happen to have connected an ancestral KIERNA to the Omaha, Nebraska area.  It was while digesting what I had found that I came across the website for the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society.  In their website they have a wonderful “How To” page that contained a fabulous piece of material on Cemetery Research and some guidelines on how to set up procedures for documenting the information you discover at the cemetery.

The information in the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society website on Cemetery Research came from the following source:

This article has been updated from the original, which appeared in the August, 2006 issue of Westward Into Nebraska, a publication of the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society, and was also published in an online subscription genealogy magazine, The Digital Genealogist, several years ago.

You can see the full “How To” on Cemetery Research at:

Greater Omaha Genealogical Society “How To” on Cemetery Research and Documenting Your Discoveries

I know you will find this article very helpful for you to plan out your cemetery research.  The tips are good especially if you have not established any personal system in tracking your cemetery research information.

Much of what you will read is based on the cemetery research that is often done by a genealogical society when they are documenting a cemetery “en mass”.  I certainly think those techniques as described in the article could certainly be applied to a smaller scale of research you may do on your own ancestors’ graves in the cemetery.

One additional item of note for you to consider is to possibly upload your pictures and cemetery information on your deceased ancestors to  This is a wonderful organization that provides the space for you to upload and store your cemetery research information.  It also makes your research visible to others that may be searching the same lines thus allowing you the possibility of connecting with other researchers.  You can visit FindAGrave at:

I think the article from the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society is a fine article that can give you some great directions on how to do your cemetery research as well as to document your findings in a manner that makes it easy to find and understand.

Give the article a very good look by clicking on the above link to it.  You will not be disappointed.

Do your cemetery research now before the leaves of Fall and the snow of Winter delay your efforts once again until next Spring and Summer!

Now if only I can figure out what KIERNA I discovered in Omaha that led me to the great piece of information on Cemetery Research!!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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