PDF Guide to Chicago Church and Synagogue Records from the Newberry Library (Link Included)

Hi Everyone!

One thing or another led me back to the Newberry Library website at www.newberry.org.  While visiting the site for one thing, my attention waned on my search but I happened to see something else that caught my eye.  I am sure this “wandering” happens by most of us when we visit sites!

Much of my own personal research focuses on my ancestors having lived in the City of Chicago in the Polish enclave called “Old Polonia” around the triangle intersection of Milwaukee Avenue, Ashland Avenue and Division Street (approximately 1600 West and 1200 North for those familiar with the street numbering system!).

At the Newberry site I discovered what appears to be a wonderful all-purpose, all-in-one resource guide titled “Guide to Chicago Church and Synagogue Records”.  It is available as a PDF file and does appear to be quite lengthy in size, consisting of about 163 pages.

Much of my ancestral connections tie into the records left by my ancestors as a result of their interactions with the Roman Catholic churches in Chicago.

While my research may connect to Roman Catholic records, this resource from the Newberry provides plenty of material that can be used as a resource for any number of religious denominations that exist or may have existed in the City of Chicago over time.

Within information contained about the Roman Catholic church, the guide also provides a list of the various Roman Catholic parishes in the City of Chicago.  Even better, the Newberry provides what LDS microfilms exist for the various parishes.  So you can find your ancestral parish church in Chicago and can then see what LDS records for what records exist for this parish.  Film numbers of the LDS films are included.

Since this is a PDF you can access the links that are embedded in the document to take you directly to the site that is being mentioned.  How easy can that be?

It just seemed like this would be well-worth site to mention in a blog posting to everyone.

You can see this great resource document at:

Guide to Chicago Church and Synagogue Records from the Newberry Library

If you have ancestral Chicago connections then you will at least want to take a look at this very information-rich document put together by the Newberry Library.  It can certainly provide you with a lot of information all contained in one document, especially when you can discover LDS film numbers that will lead you to the records of ancestors without having to do another lookup at the LDS site.

Check out the above link.  I think you will enjoy the material.

Church record information is provided for the many and varied denominations listed in this resource guide.  If the LDS does not have the material in film format, the Newberry directs the researcher to a source, often a denominational archive, that has the material.

All in all, this is a great guide to have at your fingertips for helping you research your Chicago ancestors and the resources that are identified that may lead you to the records they left behind.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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