Get Your Old Family Films and Audio Tapes Converted to Digital Before It Is Too Late!

Hi Everyone!

Over the recent 4th of July Holiday, I was able to play a couple of DVDs that were created for me from 8 MM and Super 8 MM home film movies that were originally shot in the 1972 to 1980 time period.  I did not have a lot of film material even at that time.  In my possession I had only about 800 total feet of film.  Some families may have thousands of feet of raw film of home movies in their possession.

But whether it is 800 feet of film or 8,000 feet of film, there are precious memories on those films that do not exist anywhere else.  I was lucky enough to have the 800 feet of material in my possession.  It is probably a worse feeling if you know great memories exist on films that are not in your possession, knowing that every passing day the film material itself deteriorates and that equipment and projector bulbs are becoming less and less available to even view this material in its original projection method.

I was able to thoroughly enjoy the material on DVD because I committed myself to the time and money that were needed to convert these older 8 MM and Super 8 MM films to DVD.  I chose to have the conversion done by outsourcing it to a professional.

If you have film material in your possession that has not been converted to digital format, please, please, please convert the material to digital as soon as possible!!

I feel good that I made the commitment to convert the relatively small amount of material I had to digital format.  There are just too many BAD things that can happen to the only material you have that is just full of precious memories.

Do not walk, RUN, to a professional that can help save your memories forever!

With that in mind, I want to provide you with the name of the local professional in our Schaumburg area that I used personally to convert my films.  I found that the work he did for me about 5 years ago was excellent, completed in a short time and was fairly priced.

Please visit the web site of the small business that did this conversion work for me.  The name of the company in Roselle, IL is MWH Video Productions.  You can visit the web site and obtain much more information about the company, their full line of conversion services and the prices they have for their services.  I did visit the web site and it is very easy to move through providing you with all you need to know about each service they provide.

Please visit MWH Video Productions at their website at:

MWH Video Productions – Film, Audio Tape, Photo, Slide Converted to Digital

Your captured memories are deteriorating each day on film, audio cassette, reel-to-reel and as slides.  Those memories may be lost forever whether the material disintegrates enough over time or you discover there is no longer a film projector or audio cassette player or a reel-to-reel tape player or a slide projector that exists or functions anymore for you to enjoy these memories.

Take a look at the MWH Video Productions web site as a starting point to motivate yourself to take action on the memories you may have in your possession that need digitization.  If not MWH Video Productions, then find someone else to work with to convert your old material to the digital format of today.  Regardless of who you hire to do the work, DON’T DELAY THE CONVERSION THAT IS NEEDED NOW TO PRESERVE YOUR MEMORIES!

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the DVDs that were created from film for me over this recent holiday!

I am hoping that you can say the same about your material by the time your next family gathering occurs when you can show them your new digitized family history memorabilia!

Find a professional!

Commit to the Conversion Project!

Enjoy and share the fruits of your efforts from then on!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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