Wisconsin Historical Society Adds New “Wisconsin in the Civil War” Segment to Their Website

Hi Everyone!

I was browsing through the recent July 2011, Volume 19, Number 7 Newsletter that was published by the Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois (CAGGNI) and came across a nice article in the newsletter.  The article informs the reader as to the newly created website segment of the Wisconsin Historical Society that focuses on the historical connection of Wisconsin to the Civil War.

This is the 150 year celebration of the beginning of the American Civil War.  The Wisconsin Historical Society has created a vast amount of information on the Wisconsin involvement in the Civil War at their website.

One very nice feature of the site contains many of the actual stories of the times of Wisconsites and their involvement in the Civil War.  At this portion of the website you can discover many newspaper stories, photos, books and actual letters written by Wisconsites serving in the Civil War.  Actual images of the documents are available at this part of the site.

To see some of these stories, newspaper account and letters take a look at the following link:

Wisconsin Civil War Stories from the Wisconsin Historical Society

At the main part of the Wisconsin Civil War site, you will also find links to the following categories created by the Wisconsin Historical Society:

  • Stories
  • People
  • Places
  • Regiments
  • Battles
  • Search
  • Help
  • About

If you have any ancestral connection to Wisconsin during the time of the Civil War then you will definitely want to tap into this great resources to see what you can possibly discover about your ancestor, your ancestor’s military regiment, battles fought by Wisconsin military personnel and much, much more, especially the “Stories” part where you may find images of original letters penned by Wisconsin Civil War soldiers.

The general link to this information can be found at”

Wisconsin Historical Society Civil War Collection

There is a great deal of information that you can access through the society.

If you are just interested in the Civil War and have no ancestral connection to Wisconsin I do feel that you will still enjoy the material from this website.

Try the above links and then just work your way around the Wisconsin Historical Society Civil War website.

You will not be disappointed.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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