“Who Do You Think You Are?” 2011 Episodes Are Being Rerun on NBC on Friday/Saturday Nights Starting on July 16, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Did you miss the original presentation on NBC of the hit genealogy series “Who Do You think You Are?” when it took place in February to April of 2011 on TV?

You do know you can watch the episodes on your computer at the NBC website?

However, if you want to see the 2011 season episodes on TV rather than on your computer, you can mark down Friday nights and Saturday nights, starting July 16, 2011 (Sorry, I missed letting you know of this rerun episode!).

You will have to look at the TV schedules to see if you need to look for a Friday evening program or a Saturday evening program.  Sorry about that!  It would be nice if we as creatures of habit could look for the program on one evening rather than on two evenings.  But such is life!

You can also visit the “Who Do You think You Are?” website to get better clarification on when the reruns are appearing on either Friday or Saturday via the NBC website at:

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Website

Dick Eastman had a post in his online blog of the “resurrection” of this series in rerun fashion on TV.

Check out Dick Eastman’s blog post for all of the details, especially the flip-flopping between Friday evenings and Saturday evenings at:

2011 “Who Do You think You Are” Series in Rerun on NBC

The 8 original episodes were very well received during their original airing.

During the summer hiatus of many local genealogy societies, consider re-connecting to your genealogy research via this series, especially if you missed it when originally presented earlier this year.

I really enjoyed the 2011 original episodes.  They were entertaining, informative and emotional.

Check out the links above to Dick Eastman’s post on the subject and the NBC site for the show.

These reruns during the summer may be well worth looking at again!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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