Quick Response (QR) Codes Becoming the “In” Thing To Find Further Information Very Quickly Via a Smartphone; It Has A Great Cemetery Application on Headstones of the Deceased

Hi Everyone!

Bruce C. who attends our monthly genealogy programs made me aware of a new developing smart phone technology that could have some great applications in cemeteries on headstones.

In fact, you may have already seen these square-looking symbols that may already be appearing on objects or posters or just about anything.  These square looking images are likened somewhat to “bar codes” that appear on packages and boxes today.  A scanner reads the bar code and the code is translated to a description  as to what the product is.  We all see this put to effect when we check out our groceries at the market today.

In a similar vein, the QR codes allows one using a smart phone to “take a picture” of the QR code and then with “apps” on the smart phone will take the user to a web site on the smart phone where much more information can be obtained about the “event”, the “person” or whatever wants to be conveyed.  The user does not have to know of a website address.

You may just want to become more aware of these “symbols” that will appear more and more all around us.  That is what they are and what you can do with them.

Here is what one looks like:

Bruce forwarded to me an article from USA Today that describes this developing technology.  The article highlights how this technology can be applied to our dearly departed in cemeteries.  Put a QR code on the headstone of the deceased and when scanned the scanner can discover untold amount of data on the deceased!

This sounds like an incredible way for researchers to instantly discover information about the deceased and to obtain information from a researcher that may know even more to help in your own research.

The nicest thing about this technology is that you can have a QR code inscribed on a headstone today for a relatively small fee of about $65 as the article mentions.  This sure sounds like a great investment to honor our dearly departed and allow other researchers to access your own research that you make public via the QR connection to a website containing the information on the dearly departed!

Take a look at the full article at the link below:

USA Today Article on QR Codes and Cemetery Use

Thanks to Bruce C. for sharing this link with me on a great emerging technology that genealogy researchers should be aware of.

Keep your eyes open all around you and start becoming aware of these amorphous looking symbols!

Maybe a new smart phone is just around the corner to add to your “pile” of technology devices!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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