Take A Look At Comments I Received on My Original Post Regarding the “FREE” Access to 1940 Census Data from Ancestry.com – Insightful Comment!

Hi Everyone!

If you do not subscribe to my Posts or Comments via RSS or e-mail as part of this blog, you may perhaps not be aware of a very insightful comment left to my most recent post on August 29, 2011 about the “FREE” access to the 1940 Census data by Ancestry.com when the data becomes available from the National Archives in April 2012.

To save you some time looking for the post, I thought I would just include the text of the comment from Dr. Joel Weintraub right here.  The comment follows in Bold and Italics:

All the images for the population schedules will be released on April 2nd, 2012. If not on Ancestry, then by (or for) the National Archives. The images are indexed to location right now, down to the ED number, but not by name. It is likely that Ancestry will “roll out” name indexes as they are completed, and it probably will take at least 6 months before all the states and territories are done. In the meantime, locational tools can be used to find families on this census. For a look at all the strategies, if you have the location of your 1940 family, use our tutorial at:

Dr. Weintraub also emphasizes that the researcher should definitely plan on visiting the Steve Morse website at www.stevemorse.org to become familiar with the learning tools being made available for the 1940 Census data.

You may still want to re-visit the original post to see how the comment relates to the context of the original post. 

I did think the comment was helpful enough as is to stand alone as a helpful piece of information which is why I included it above.

Use the comment to remove any of the uncertainty as to what will be happening in April 2012 and take advantage of all of the Steve Morse 1940 Census Aids to allow you to get off to a roaring start on your research in April 2012.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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