IMPORTANT POST: Online LDS Film Ordering Coming To All Illinois Family History Centers (FHC) on September 21, 2011

Hi Everyone!

I received specific information that indicates that the Naperville, IL Family History Center (FHC) will be activated on September 21, 2011 for On-Line Microfilm Ordering for those that use the center for research.

I received a callback from the Schaumburg Family History Center that indicated they also will activate the new policy on this day and ALL Illinois Family History Centers will be activating this new policy on this day.


The LDS has been and is activating this new film ordering procedure on a region-by-region basis across the country.  The Central region of the United States now falls under this September 21, 2011 date for online microfilm ordering.

I am including the text from an e-mail that came from someone associated with the Naperville FHC.  The same procedures should apply to the Schaumburg Family History Center and to all Illinois FHCs.  The e-mail provides some nice embedded links that can offer you some very helpful insights from the LDS on how to make this new method of ordering films work for you.  CHECK OUT THE LINKS AND BECOME INFORMED ON HOW TO ORDER LDS MICROFILMS.  The text of the e-mail follows in Italics:


 On-line Film Ordering Information

On-line film ordering for patrons of the Naperville Family History Center will begin on Sept. 21, 2011. On-line ordering will not be an additional way to order films; it will be the only way on September 21 and thereafter. It will require the use of a Visa or Master card debit, credit card or PayPal account. Discover card and American Express will not be accepted. A PayPal account creates more security for an on-line purchase. You can find more about creating a PayPal account at:

You will need to create a LDS account if you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or a Family Search account if you aren’t LDS. To create an account if you don’t already have one or to use one if you do, go to At this address, you will be able to access information and help documents regarding on-line ordering.

The information available at will guide you in using the new system but does not cover the transition to the new online ordering. The following information is what you need to know about the transition to the new system and how it affects films you currently have at the Naperville Family History Center.

The last day to order films with an order form card or renew films at the Family History Center will be September 16.

Please do not send in new mail-in requests for film orders. If you have recently sent in a request by mail, if it arrives in time we will process it under the old system. Otherwise, it will be returned to you and you can place the order on-line.

Short-term film rental online order will cost $5.50 and will be about a 90 day loan. An online short-term renewal will extend the loan for an additional 60 days and cost $5.50. An extended loan rental will cost $13.75. Under this new system, a film can be ordered as an extended loan initially. Please note: 2 short-term renewals WILL NO LONGER equal an extended loan. To extend a short-term film and make it an extended loan, you will have to pay for an extended loan renewal.

All extended films you have at the Naperville Family History Center will remain at the Center at no additional cost.

If you currently have a film that you have renewed once and anticipate you will extend the film with another renewal, if you extend the film by September 16, making the film an extended loan will cost just $5.50 because we will still be operating on the current system. If you wait until September 21, you will have to pay $13.75 for an extended loan. In other words, there will be no allowance in the new system to what you have already paid in the old system.

All short-term films currently in the center will receive a new return date of December 20, 2011 when we switch to the new system on September 21. Short-term films currently in the Center that are due to go back after September 9th will not be returned but kept so that they can receive the bonus 90 days. Please note also that the staff members of the Naperville Family History Center have decided to that the Center will remain open until December 17, 2011 this year. Our Christmas closing will be from December 18, 2011 to January 2, 2012. We will reopen on Tuesday January 3, 2012

In summary, if you have a short-term film and you think that you will have finished with by December 20th, you don’t need to do anything. If you have a short-term film that you are sure that you will extend, it will be cheaper to do it on September 16 or before. If you haven’t renewed the film for the first time, extending it now will cost $ 11.00, if you have renewed it once; extending it will cost $5.50. If you wait until September 21 or after, making that film an extended loan will cost $13.75

As always, please e-mail me if you have any questions,

Christine Bell


Please carefully read the full contents of the e-mail.  It will apply to ALL Family History Centers in Illinois where you order your microfilms for research.  You will need to establish a Family History account in order to order films in the future.  It is easy to set up this account if you do not currently have one.  I have one from my indexing of microfilm data and I can attest that it is very easy and also useful to use when you are accessing online material at FamilySearch related to online microfilm images they upload.

Your online film order will simply not involve anyone from the staff of the local FHC.  You order the film online.  You direct it to which FHC you will want it to go.  The film arrives at that FHC and your research using the film at their site continues as before.  The ordering of the film, directing it to the FHC of your choice and the paying for the rental is all in your hands.  Using the film at the FHC is as it is today.

Please also note the new “short-term” loan period and the “extended-term” loan periods and procedures.  Two short-term loan extensions will not automatically convert to a “long-term” loan.  If you will want to keep a film on “long-term” loan you will need to pay the price over and above any series of “short-term” loans you may have done.

As they say “These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls” when new things begin outside of the norm we are used to.  If you frequently order LDS microfilms it appears you will not have much choice in the future other than establish an account with FamilySearch and order your microfilms online directing them to the center of your choice.

Electronic payments will be the only method for paying for the films.  Hopefully, that will not present a problem for any of us in the future, since they do appear to provide many methods of electronic payment, most of which we use routinely today.

So buckle up your seatbelts for the inevitable short-term choppy ride!

We will all get through this change simply because I think genealogy researchers are so flexible and adaptable.  Just remember, it was only about 5 years ago when microfilm orders were the only way to research.  Somehow, we have also survived that change and grown in our research skills as so much more data became available online.  That was a challenge, albeit a pleasant one, to do more of our research online rather than from films.

We can and we all will adapt to these changes being offered by Family Search!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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