Great Article in “Internet Genealogy” (October/November 2011) on Free, Paid, and Web-Based Genealogy Software

Hi Everyone!

One of the more frequent questions I receive is about “genealogy software”.

What software exists?  How good is it?  Is it free?  If not free, how much does it cost? etc., etc.

I try to keep up in general on what exists for genealogical uses, but let’s be honest, it is not easy to know about all the variety of genealogy software that exists.

That is even getting more complex because of the development of tablet computers and smartphones, each of which has is its own target for software development over and above desktops and laptops.

So when I see an article or a web site that details information about genealogy software I try to incorporate that information into my newsletter or my handouts package.

I have just come across a very good article in the October/November 2011, Volume 6, Number 4 issue of Internet Genealogy.  The title of the article in this issue is “Genealogy Software: Free, Paid and on the Web”.  The author of the article is Tony Bandy.

There is really too much great information in this article for me to summarize or incorporate into my handouts or newsletter without leaving something out.  So rather than not do a good job of summarizing this article, I thought it would be best to let my readers know of its existence in this genealogy journal that our library has in our magazine collection on the 2nd floor of our library.

It was hard enough to know everything about desk-top or lap-top software for genealogy.  It is now becoming exponentially more complicated with the advance of tablet computers and smartphones!

Oftentimes an existing developer of genealogy software for a desk-top or lap-top modifies their existing program to run on either a tablet or a smartphone or both.  So we now have even more devices that software will run on and yet while being developed by the same developer may look different on a tablet or a smartphone simply because of the smaller screen “real estate” that is the reality of these devices.

But Tony Bandy does an outstanding job in this article of really making the reader aware of all the variety of software that exists.  Each piece of software he notes in the article is described according to the following categories:

  • Software Name – Name software is known by.
  • Cost – That product is free or costs something
  • Company Name – Who produces the software.
  • Website – URL for you to find more information, download.
  • Category – Software intended for desktop, mobile etc.
  • Thoughts – author’s personal thoughts/comments on the software.

This is a great article that will provide you with current information about the myriad of existing genealogy software.

You will be very surprised about how much software the author has identified over and above the basic software packages we are most familiar with e.g. Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, Legacy, Master Genealogy.

I am currently still reading through this recent journal addition we received.  This journal will not be back on the magazine shelves in our collection until about October 10, 2011.

This is an article you will definitely want to read.  There is just too much good stuff for me to summarize parts but not the whole!

Plan on looking at this article when the journal is back on the shelves.  If you are already a personal subscriber to Internet Genealogy, then by all means make sure you read through this article.

You can also visit the Internet Genealogy web site at to learn more the publisher of this journal and all of the other services they have available.

Enjoy the voluminous amount of information contained in this feature article!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

2 responses to “Great Article in “Internet Genealogy” (October/November 2011) on Free, Paid, and Web-Based Genealogy Software

  1. Thanks Tony–I appreciate the kind words, and glad you liked the column! There are so many different pieces of software out there, it’s really hard to keep current!


    • Hi Tony,

      From one Tony to another Tony!!

      Thanks for your comments on my blog post regarding your recently published article in Internet Genealogy.

      You and the other writers that contribute to Internet Genealogy and Family Chronicle do a great job on creating timely and interesting articles that are just full of great information.

      By far and away your articles are very helpful. With so many genealogy journals having disappeared from publication, I am so thankful that Internet Genealogy and Family Chronicle are doing well. The longevity of these journals is a direct result of all of the authors like yourself that contribute such great articles.

      I make note in our monthly genealogy newsletter of the recent copies of each journal we receive and try to highlight what the articles are in the journal to encourage readers to get to read the full article. There is no better way to keep in touch with genealogy developments than through articles in these genealogy journals.

      Keep up the good work. The work of yourself and your fellow authors who contribute to Internet Genealogy and Family Chronicle does not go unnoticed by me.

      The articles have certainly helped me individually with my own research which is why I want to encourage our own genealogy participants to spend some time and read articles like the one you authored.

      Thanks for your offer on guest columns. I think you would need to help me understand that more fully.

      I will keep that in mind for the future.

      Thanks again for noticing my blog post of your work.

      Tony Kierna

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