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I Now Know Where Comments Being Left on the Poll on the Right Sidebar Are Going!!

Hi Everyone!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had just starting using the Poll function within WordPress.

The Poll is appearing at the very top of the right sidebar of the blog.  At least 13 of you have easily discovered this poll either from my advertising of it or having seen it just jump out at you.

I also mentioned earlier that I had personally left 2″test” comments for myself to see how the process works and sure it enough I discovered something was not working quite right.  I always set “Comments” to come to me to look at before I release the comment.  This is to prevent ungodly amounts of spam automatically posting as comments.  You cannot believe how much spam is caught by WordPress before I even see it !  There is still a high amount that does still come through the filters of WordPress and appears on my blog before you ever see anything as a comment.  I delete all of these “advertising comments” with no mercy.

I wanted to do the same with the Poll comments and thought I did so until I realized the comments being left were actually going to PollDaddy and not coming back to me via WordPress.

All I had to do was log into PollDaddy, get to my Poll and there sitting unscathed were my two original “Test” comments.  I have since deleted these two “Test” comments and created a new one from me that made sense to release.  You will now see my “real” comment on the Poll so you can gauge what it looks like should you choose to create a comment that I let post.

However, you will still see that there are “3” comments on this first poll.  My first two “test” comments have been deleted so there is really one “real” comment.  PollDaddy still keeps track of the original count of “3” that appears even though 2 are deleted and never appeared for viewing.

As of now you will still see only 1 comment for this Poll on Lineage Software even though the counter says 3!

I am glad I now know how much of this works with PollDaddy.

Thanks for your patience during these initial phases of confusion!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

National Genealogical Society (NGS) and Their Special Book Loan Collection; Online On-Demand Presentation Explains How To Use and Access This Material

Hi Everyone!

I came across this piece of information regarding the Special Collection of NGS book material that resides at the St. Louis County Library in St. Louis, MO.

As to background information on this material, the NGS has a special Book Loan Collection consisting of about 20,000 volumes of books that resides in St. Louis.  At one time this material was exclusively available only to NGS member.  Today the material can be accessed by anyone.  Before the material was in the actual possession of the society in Virginia.  Now it is available for all to look at through the St. Louis County library.

Ruth Hager, CG, CGL,  the Reference Specialist at the St. Louis County library, has created an on-demand presentation that allows anyone to see her presentation that describes all things related to this special 20,000 item collection and how to find material in this collection, request the material or even donate your own material to this collection.

There is a strong amount of material in this special collection that applies to the  East Coast and New England research.  If this is your area of ancestral research you may discover material that exists in the collection that may be of value to your own research.

I am always a big believer in online on-demand learning tools and this one surely fits the bill.

You can see this presentation describing the Special NGS Collection in St. Louis, MO at:

Ruth Ann Hager Online Presentation Describing NGS Special 20,000 Volume Collection in St. Louis, MO

See what you can learn about this special collection from the online presentation.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Our Library Has Added “Tracing Your London Ancestors” To Our Circulating Collection; Applicable For English Family Research

Hi Everyone!

Our library has just recently added to our circulating collection a book titled “Tracing Your London Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians“.  The author of the book is Jonathan Oates.

The book was published in 2011.  It has been added to our collection in November 2011.  The call number of the book in our collection is 929.1 OATES, J.  It is available on the 2nd floor of our library on the circulating shelves.

Here is a Book Description from

London is a key site for family historians. Many researchers, seeking to trace their ancestry back through the generations, will find their trail leads to London or through it. Yet, despite the burgeoning interest in genealogy and the importance of London in so many life stories, few previous books have explored the city’s history or provided guidance on the research resources family historians can use to discover the life of a London ancestor. This is the purpose of Jonathan Oates’s invaluable handbook.

 In a series of short, information-packed chapters he describes the principal record offices, archives, libraries and other sources researchers can go to, and shows how Londoners can be tracked through censuses, registers and directories over the last 500 years. Then he explores key aspects of London’s history from a family historian’s point of view. Crime, religion and education – and the body of evidence associated with them – are covered, as is the historical trail left by taxation, health, welfare, work and business. He looks also at the military and wartime records available in the city, and at the records of immigrant communities who have had such a notable impact on the development of the capital.

A very detailed and extensive review of the book can be found at the blog site of John D. Reid that is titled “Anglo-Celtic Connections”.  You can see this lengthy review of this work at:

“Tracing Your London Ancestors” Extensive Book Review

The review includes a short description of the topic of each of the chapters in the book.

For those of you having English ancestral connections, especially to the London area, this is a book to consider to check out from our library.  The Table of Contents consists of the following 12 high-level Chapter titles.  Each chapter is divided into many more smaller descriptive segments of the contents of each chapter far too numerous to detail here:

Chapter 01     –     London
Chapter 02     –     Lists of Londoners
Chapter 03     –     Criminal London
Chapter 04     –     Ecclesiastical London
Chapter 05     –     Taxing Londoners
Chapter 06     –     Educating London
Chapter 07     –     Social and Cultural London
Chapter 08     –     Business and Working London
Chapter 09     –     Medieval London
Chapter 10     –     London Under Attack
Chapter 11     –     London’s Incomers
Chapter 12     –     House History

You can get the drift of the book’s resources by looking at the high-level chapter titles.  Each chapter is subdivided into about 5 to 10 more categories of the kinds of records you might expect to find to use in your London genealogical research.

I find that looking through a book like this can be very helpful to identify categories of records to consider that are not as obvious as Census records, Military records, Estate records etc.  How about thinking of such records as Voter records, Hearth Tax records, Apprenticeship System records, Charities and records, Orphanage records and many more that are not often considered for research.

The author provides great details on the many and varied records that the researcher should consider when researching their London ancestor.

The call number of this wonderful, current resource to help you research your London ancestor is 929.1 OATES, J.  Take a look at it on the shelves of the 2nd floor of our library in the circulating collection.  Consider checking it out after I complete looking through it.  It should be back on the shelves by December 1, 2011.

Enjoy the new material.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

My First Poll in Right Sidebar; Votes Are Accumulating; Trying To Figure Out Where Comments Are??

Hi Everyone!

I see that votes are taking place on the first poll I created in this WordPress blog.  Thank you so much for taking the time to register your vote on what genealogy lineage software you are using on your computer.

I made the poll in a way that readers can see the results of the poll votes as they accumulate.  I also set the poll up so you can leave comments about the poll.  You will see the capability to leave comments when you visit the poll (View Results) and look at the results and see that there are 2 comments left.  Those in fact are two comments I left as “test comments” so I could see how the comments come back to me for review before I allow them to post.

The big mystery is where are these comments in cyberspace, even if they are test comments!  I have not seen them or been notified that they are available for me to look at.  I left them just so I could see how the process works with comments left within polls.

I thought I would mention this puzzle to my readers in advance of receiving questions as to where are the comments?  At this point I do not know!!

I have submitted a query to WordPress describing the situation to see if they can explain if something is wrong or if I am doing something wrong or need to do more.  I thought I set it up correctly!!  I will await their response to see how to resolve this.

In the meantime, keep voting and for now ignore the fact you see the poll indicating two comments were left that no one can yet see at this time as they make their way through cyberspace!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

I Added A “Contact Me” Page on the Home Page of the Blog

Hi Everyone!

In the past I realized that people often just wanted to contact me about something unrelated to a particular post.  But there was no real way to reach me directly.  So they often left me something as a “comment” within a post that did not connect with the post.

I generally contacted them “offline” and really never left the “comment” to post because it just seemed like an awkward match.

Now I realize that within WordPress I can allow readers to reach me more directly through a WordPress Contact Form.

I have now created the new “Contact Me” Page at the top of the blog.  If anyone just needs to contact me you can now use the contact form within the page rather than through leaving a “comment” on a post.

You will be required to provide a Name, E-Mail Address, and your question or comment in the Comments part of the form.  I will then receive your query to me after you submit it by delivery from WordPress to my own WordPress e-mail ID.  I can then respond directly back to you via the e-mail you will have supplied.

I am glad I discovered this method from within WordPress.

You should be able to easily see this new Page at the top of the Home Page of this blog.

So if you were ever wanting to contact me but just did not think that leaving a Comment was the right way, then just take advantage of this more direct route to reach me.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

I Am Experimenting With the “Poll” Feature of WordPress To Gather and Share Some Genealogy Information Among Readers; Take the Poll At the Top of the Right Sidebar

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would be BOLD and actually learn a little bit more about the blogging capabilities within WordPress.

One such feature that has been staring me in the face when I work on the blog is a function available called “Polls”.  I ask some kind of question related to genealogy and from the set-up of the question you respond to the question with a “yes” or “no” or you pick an answer from a list that fits your experience that I have created.  There may be some other options I can pursue but for now I am going to try to keep it simple.

At the home page of this blog on the right sidebar, the first thing you will see is the area I am going to use to do my polling.  So every time you get to the home page of the blog you should be easily able to see this and go and enter your response to the question.

I do not know anything about you the responder to the poll.  All the poll does is accumulate the responses and the overall statistics.  No special information is being provided to me that identifies you, the responder, in any way, shape or form!!

Be bold as I am by just creating this poll function.  Express yourself and respond to the poll question!

Within WordPress there is an attempt that is built-in that allows you to vote only once.  So I guess you can’t stuff the ballot box or vote multiple times as you can in American Idol.  Both you and I will see how this voting unfolds.

I have not decided yet how often I may switch to a new poll.  Maybe monthly or maybe never if this turns out to be a disaster!!

I have a few more “polls” in the back of my head to ask in the future but I am open to any suggestions from my readers on what genealogy related poll questions I should consider asking for our readers to reply to and see the results for questions that may be of interest.  I understand that within the “poll” there is the capability for you to leave a comment.  It appears you just have to click on the link at the bottom of the poll that says “View Results”.  For those leaving comments I will be able to moderate them before posting.  My assumption at this point is that your comment will require you to provide some information just like when you leave a comment today for a regular post.  I am learning this as I go so we will see how “comments” for a “poll” appear.

So batten down the hatches!

Go where no man has ever been!

Let the polling begin!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

“Who Do You Think You Are?” NBC TV Genealogy Show To Return To The Airwaves on Friday, February 3, 2012 At 8 PM (Eastern Time)

Hi Everyone!

Mark your calendars, at least for now!

The popular TV show on genealogy “Who Do You Think You Are?” is scheduled to return to the air on NBC on Friday evening, February 3, 2012 at 8 PM (Eastern Time), 7 PM (Central) Time).

I got very excited about this thinking that NBC would have a big splashy announcement at its website about this show and provide some information on the upcoming episodes.

Unfortunately, nothing of detail was posted at the NBC web site for the show other than the upcoming scheduled date of the new episodes for 2012.

Based on last year’s announcement, don’t be surprised if the premier date changes.  It changed last year as further announcements were made.

Visit the NBC website directly for show information as it becomes known, as well as to see all there is about Season 2 episodes and information from last year.

You can visit the NBC site at:

Official NBC Web Site For “Who Do You Think You Are?”

I am sure that more details will be unfolding over the next month as we get closer to the date as the teaser date creates more and more buzz!

As genealogists, we can’t wait until February 2012 gets here.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library