“I Seek Dead People” Genealogy T-Shirt – Get People’s Attention Regarding Your Hobby!

Hi Everyone!

A fellow researcher that attends our monthly genealogy program came into the office one day to see me. 

I immediately noticed a great-looking T-shirt she was wearing that had a very powerful phrase emboldened across the top of the T-shirt.  A phrase that a fellow genealogist could certainly appreciate.  For someone not into genealogy, one might certainly expect the question to be asked by that person would be “What is the meaning of that phrase that is on your T-shirt?”.

How would you react if you saw a black T-shirt with the phrase “I Seek Dead People” as the message on the T-shirt? 

With an opening like that you could certainly provide some insights into the addictive habit you have developed to research your “dead” ancestors!

The T-shirt looked like a quality shirt that certainly makes a bold statement to whoever sees it or it will at least elicit a strange look at you that you should be prepared to receive. 

Small phrases make powerful statements.  This phrase certainly sums up all of your genealogical endeavors into a few powerful words emboldened on your chest for the world to see!

My fellow researcher provided me with the website where the T-shirt was obtained.  I thought I would share that site with all of you should you also want to go out into the world and make a statement on your fantastic hobby.

I have no connections to this company nor am I endorsing the company or the shirt.  I am just passing down some information for all of you to check out.

The company that provides the shirt is called Gene Tree.

You can find them at:

GeneTree/I Seek Dead People

The company also has a lot of material at its site about DNA testing for genealogy.  They are more than just a T-shirt company!

Check out the shirt and check out all of the products and services this company offers, especially all of the information on DNA and genealogy.  I think the shirt only comes in one color – black with the white lettering of the phrase.  Basic shirt price is $12.99 with an additional $2 charge if you start ordering the X-X-X larger size shirts.

Do you want to make a genealogy statement to others?  There is no better way than to tell everyone what interests you than for them to see you with your new T-shirt on.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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