In Recognition of My 300th Post on This Blog – A Self-Congratulatory “Attaboy!!”

Hi Everyone!

As I review statistics from WordPress related to this blog, history shows that this post will be my 300th Post of Information since the inception of this blog in November 2009!

You often hear some accolades that take place in the TV industry that such and such TV show has just broadcast its 100th episode.  So in the world of blogging I thought that I would simply make note to those that read my blog that blog post number 300 has just hit the press!

It really seems that I just started doing this yesterday.  Yet here we are 2 years later and I have hit a rather astounding number that makes me take pause — at least for a second or two — to make note of this accomplishment.

Thanks to everyone that visits the blog regularly and maybe even subscribes to it via e-mail or the RSS feeds.

Thanks to those that may not even be regular visitors but lurk in the background visiting on an irregular basis.

Thanks to everyone that has even taken the time to leave their comments on the variety of postings I have published.

Thanks to all of the speakers I have had at our various monthly genealogy programs that have allowed me to include electronic copies of their handouts in the summaries I create for the monthly programs.  Your material becomes available to those that were unable to attend your program.

I hope you have enjoyed all the variety of postings I have made to keep you current with what is going on from a genealogy perspective at the Schaumburg Township District Library.

I hope the variety of tips I have published have in fact been that for you to help you progress in your genealogical endeavors.

I do enjoy putting my thoughts to words via this blog on behalf of our library.

Thanks again to everyone that has visited our library’s genealogy blog.

Keep coming back.  We enjoy your company!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

5 responses to “In Recognition of My 300th Post on This Blog – A Self-Congratulatory “Attaboy!!”

  1. Way to go Tony!!!

  2. Tony , Congratulations ! Looking forward to next 300 + to come !!

  3. Congratulations on #300. Here’s to 300 more and beyond.

  4. Jennifer Holik-Urban, Professional Genealogist

    Congratulations Tony! I look forward to reading your next 300 posts!

  5. GREAT JOB ! Your work is really appreciated and is seen in our
    genealogy successes.
    Bob K.

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