I Added A “Contact Me” Page on the Home Page of the Blog

Hi Everyone!

In the past I realized that people often just wanted to contact me about something unrelated to a particular post.  But there was no real way to reach me directly.  So they often left me something as a “comment” within a post that did not connect with the post.

I generally contacted them “offline” and really never left the “comment” to post because it just seemed like an awkward match.

Now I realize that within WordPress I can allow readers to reach me more directly through a WordPress Contact Form.

I have now created the new “Contact Me” Page at the top of the blog.  If anyone just needs to contact me you can now use the contact form within the page rather than through leaving a “comment” on a post.

You will be required to provide a Name, E-Mail Address, and your question or comment in the Comments part of the form.  I will then receive your query to me after you submit it by delivery from WordPress to my own WordPress e-mail ID.  I can then respond directly back to you via the e-mail you will have supplied.

I am glad I discovered this method from within WordPress.

You should be able to easily see this new Page at the top of the Home Page of this blog.

So if you were ever wanting to contact me but just did not think that leaving a Comment was the right way, then just take advantage of this more direct route to reach me.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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