I Now Know Where Comments Being Left on the Poll on the Right Sidebar Are Going!!

Hi Everyone!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had just starting using the Poll function within WordPress.

The Poll is appearing at the very top of the right sidebar of the blog.  At least 13 of you have easily discovered this poll either from my advertising of it or having seen it just jump out at you.

I also mentioned earlier that I had personally left 2″test” comments for myself to see how the process works and sure it enough I discovered something was not working quite right.  I always set “Comments” to come to me to look at before I release the comment.  This is to prevent ungodly amounts of spam automatically posting as comments.  You cannot believe how much spam is caught by WordPress before I even see it !  There is still a high amount that does still come through the filters of WordPress and appears on my blog before you ever see anything as a comment.  I delete all of these “advertising comments” with no mercy.

I wanted to do the same with the Poll comments and thought I did so until I realized the comments being left were actually going to PollDaddy and not coming back to me via WordPress.

All I had to do was log into PollDaddy, get to my Poll and there sitting unscathed were my two original “Test” comments.  I have since deleted these two “Test” comments and created a new one from me that made sense to release.  You will now see my “real” comment on the Poll so you can gauge what it looks like should you choose to create a comment that I let post.

However, you will still see that there are “3” comments on this first poll.  My first two “test” comments have been deleted so there is really one “real” comment.  PollDaddy still keeps track of the original count of “3” that appears even though 2 are deleted and never appeared for viewing.

As of now you will still see only 1 comment for this Poll on Lineage Software even though the counter says 3!

I am glad I now know how much of this works with PollDaddy.

Thanks for your patience during these initial phases of confusion!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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