National Genealogical Society (NGS) and Their Special Book Loan Collection; Online On-Demand Presentation Explains How To Use and Access This Material

Hi Everyone!

I came across this piece of information regarding the Special Collection of NGS book material that resides at the St. Louis County Library in St. Louis, MO.

As to background information on this material, the NGS has a special Book Loan Collection consisting of about 20,000 volumes of books that resides in St. Louis.  At one time this material was exclusively available only to NGS member.  Today the material can be accessed by anyone.  Before the material was in the actual possession of the society in Virginia.  Now it is available for all to look at through the St. Louis County library.

Ruth Hager, CG, CGL,  the Reference Specialist at the St. Louis County library, has created an on-demand presentation that allows anyone to see her presentation that describes all things related to this special 20,000 item collection and how to find material in this collection, request the material or even donate your own material to this collection.

There is a strong amount of material in this special collection that applies to the  East Coast and New England research.  If this is your area of ancestral research you may discover material that exists in the collection that may be of value to your own research.

I am always a big believer in online on-demand learning tools and this one surely fits the bill.

You can see this presentation describing the Special NGS Collection in St. Louis, MO at:

Ruth Ann Hager Online Presentation Describing NGS Special 20,000 Volume Collection in St. Louis, MO

See what you can learn about this special collection from the online presentation.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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