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In Recognition of My 300th Post on This Blog – A Self-Congratulatory “Attaboy!!”

Hi Everyone!

As I review statistics from WordPress related to this blog, history shows that this post will be my 300th Post of Information since the inception of this blog in November 2009!

You often hear some accolades that take place in the TV industry that such and such TV show has just broadcast its 100th episode.  So in the world of blogging I thought that I would simply make note to those that read my blog that blog post number 300 has just hit the press!

It really seems that I just started doing this yesterday.  Yet here we are 2 years later and I have hit a rather astounding number that makes me take pause — at least for a second or two — to make note of this accomplishment.

Thanks to everyone that visits the blog regularly and maybe even subscribes to it via e-mail or the RSS feeds.

Thanks to those that may not even be regular visitors but lurk in the background visiting on an irregular basis.

Thanks to everyone that has even taken the time to leave their comments on the variety of postings I have published.

Thanks to all of the speakers I have had at our various monthly genealogy programs that have allowed me to include electronic copies of their handouts in the summaries I create for the monthly programs.  Your material becomes available to those that were unable to attend your program.

I hope you have enjoyed all the variety of postings I have made to keep you current with what is going on from a genealogy perspective at the Schaumburg Township District Library.

I hope the variety of tips I have published have in fact been that for you to help you progress in your genealogical endeavors.

I do enjoy putting my thoughts to words via this blog on behalf of our library.

Thanks again to everyone that has visited our library’s genealogy blog.

Keep coming back.  We enjoy your company!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

I Changed PREVIOUS PROGRAMS 2002 – 2010 Page Title to the Blog To Show Past Programs From 2002 to 2011

Hi Everyone!

I just changed the PAGE to the blog titled PREVIOUS PROGRAMS 2002 – 2010  to PREVIOUS PROGRAMS 2002 – 2011 to reflect our historical view of genealogy programs presented at our library to now include 2011 (even though we still have one more in December 2011).

You will find “Pages” to this blog on the top of the homepage of the blog.  You will see pages titled “About”, “2011 Programs”, “2012 Programs”, “Previous Programs 2002 – 2011”, “Favorite Links”, “Genealogy Program Flyer”.

Just look for it at the top of the blog.

Here is a direct link to the newly updated history of our genealogy programs presented at our library covering 2002 to 2011:

2002 – 2011 Genealogy Programs Presented at the Schaumburg Township District Library

Maybe you remember a program or speaker we had at one time.  Use this page to refresh your memory.  The programs are presented in order from 2011 back to 2002.  The programs within each year are in January through December month order.

Enjoy your travel through Memory Lane as it pertains to our past library genealogy programs!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

“2012 Programs” Added As A New Page on the Blog at the Top of the Home Page

Hi Everyone!

I just want to let all of you know that I have created a new “page” on the blog that is at the top of the first page you see when you visit the blog.

The title of the page is “2012 Programs”.  You will find a list of the schedule of our upcoming genealogy programs for 2012 at our Central Library.  These programs always occur on the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month starting at 7:30 PM.  Doors to the room open by 7:00 PM.

Take a look at the variety of topics and speakers we have scheduled for 2012 to see which ones are of special interest to you.  Also note the quarterly “breakout” groups we have when we do not have a speaker scheduled.  Mark your calendars for 2012 for these programs.

You can also get directly to this schedule of our programs for 2012 from right within this post at:

2012 Genealogy Programs at the Schaumburg Township District Library

We look forward to seeing you throughout 2012!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

“I Seek Dead People” Genealogy T-Shirt – Get People’s Attention Regarding Your Hobby!

Hi Everyone!

A fellow researcher that attends our monthly genealogy program came into the office one day to see me. 

I immediately noticed a great-looking T-shirt she was wearing that had a very powerful phrase emboldened across the top of the T-shirt.  A phrase that a fellow genealogist could certainly appreciate.  For someone not into genealogy, one might certainly expect the question to be asked by that person would be “What is the meaning of that phrase that is on your T-shirt?”.

How would you react if you saw a black T-shirt with the phrase “I Seek Dead People” as the message on the T-shirt? 

With an opening like that you could certainly provide some insights into the addictive habit you have developed to research your “dead” ancestors!

The T-shirt looked like a quality shirt that certainly makes a bold statement to whoever sees it or it will at least elicit a strange look at you that you should be prepared to receive. 

Small phrases make powerful statements.  This phrase certainly sums up all of your genealogical endeavors into a few powerful words emboldened on your chest for the world to see!

My fellow researcher provided me with the website where the T-shirt was obtained.  I thought I would share that site with all of you should you also want to go out into the world and make a statement on your fantastic hobby.

I have no connections to this company nor am I endorsing the company or the shirt.  I am just passing down some information for all of you to check out.

The company that provides the shirt is called Gene Tree.

You can find them at:

GeneTree/I Seek Dead People

The company also has a lot of material at its site about DNA testing for genealogy.  They are more than just a T-shirt company!

Check out the shirt and check out all of the products and services this company offers, especially all of the information on DNA and genealogy.  I think the shirt only comes in one color – black with the white lettering of the phrase.  Basic shirt price is $12.99 with an additional $2 charge if you start ordering the X-X-X larger size shirts.

Do you want to make a genealogy statement to others?  There is no better way than to tell everyone what interests you than for them to see you with your new T-shirt on.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Good Online Resource for Irish Genealogy from the Irish Times; Shows Distribution of Surnames for Griffith’s Valuation Among the Various Irish Counties

Hi Everyone!

A researcher that attends our monthly genealogy program has shared with me a very nice Irish Genealogy Online Resource from the Irish Times.  The website allows you to enter in the Irish surname of your choice and then proceeds to provide you with a listing of the distribution of that surname among the various counties.  The original source of the surname distribution comes from Griffith’s Valuation Property Survey of 1847 – 1864.

Seeing the distribution of a surname throughout a country can often give you some geographical insights to search if any one county shows a significant amount of that surname.  I have seen that for Poland and the distribution of the surname KIERNA that I research showing me that the vast majority of the surname KIERNA is still located in the area where my own ancestors originated from.  If you are unaware of a county of origin, at least seeing a high distribution in one area may allow you to begin searching that county for your ancestral connection.

The database provides you with how many occurrences there are for the name,  but you will have to subscribe to access the data in the database.  You purchase search units in Euros or Dollars.  In Euros, 50 Euros purchases 30 search units.  The website provides background on the costs you can expect to pay when accessing various components of the database material.

The researcher that shared this with me has made great strides in their research by using this online material.  The costs are very reasonable.  You only purchase “search units” as needed.

Here is a link to the main website that provides the researcher with good information on all that is available at the site:

Irish Times Surname Distribution in Irish Counties Based on Griffith’s Valuation Property Survey of 1847 -1864

For those of you focusing on Irish genealogical research, this may be a site for you to at least take a look at if you are not aware of it.  The researcher that shared this with me swears by the value of this site and how it helped in their research.

Taking a look costs you nothing.  You may still find some good Irish research tips from this site from all of the material they have over and above the database search capability.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

BlogTalkRadio and Geneabloggers – On Demand Learning Genealogy Episodes At Your Fingertips

Hi Everyone!

I was reading the newsletter from the Chicago Genealogy Society in which mention was made of a recent BlogTalkRadio episode in which one of our frequent speakers, Ginger Frere of the Newberry Library, was involved in an online “radio” panel show.

Ginger is a wonderful genealogy speaker that really knows her stuff about all things genealogy.  She was involved in a panel discussion titled “The Way We Worked – Genealogy and Labor”.  This was held and broadcast on September 2, 2011.  It was an 88 minute broadcast that discussed the occupations that were held by our ancestors.

I bring this to your attention specifically for the chance for you to hear Ginger as a knowledgeable panel member on a topic we have not had at our library from Ginger previously.

You can get to this episode at the following link:

September 2, 2011 BlogTalkRadio/Geneabloggers Program “The Way We Worked – Genealogy and Labor”

You will be required to watch, or ignore, a 30 second “commercial” before the program will start.  That is not too high a price to pay to be able to listen to some very informative genealogical information.  It appears that all of the genealogy programs available to listen to from BlogTalkRadio present you with this commercial message before you can actually begin listening to the program itself.  The shows themselves appear to be any from 90 to 120 minutes in length.  That is sure a lot of valuable information presented!!

Podcasts and BlogTalkRadio online lectures are wonderful ways to keep up with topics of interest to you in genealogy.  You can access the material on demand, generally do not need to register to access the material and can listen to the information on your schedule.  I am a big fan of this method of enhancing your genealogical skills by listening to the “experts” in the field.

Ginger Frere is one of those experts!

Take a look around all that is present at BlogTalkRadio for Geneabloggers.  It appears there is a wealth of programs to pick from on many varied topics.

The general site to look at can be found at:

BlogTalkRadio With Geneabloggers

There are about 45 “on-demand” genealogy radio shows you can listen to on a variety of interesting topics.  If you are a fan of “Who Do You think You Are?”, you will even find some discussion shows on many of the various episodes from Season 2.

Enjoy the Ginger “radio show” as well as see if any other topics under the general category are of interest to you.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

November 2011 Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Program Handouts Uploaded As A PDF for November 8, 2011 Genealogy Program

Hi Everyone!

I have added the November 2011 Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Program Handouts as a PDF file into the PROGRAM HANDOUTS Category on the right sidebar of the blog.

Here is a direct link to the November 2011 Handouts for your convenience:

November 2011 Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Program Handouts

Take a look at it if you choose to browse through it in advance of our Genealogy Program that will take place on Tuesday evening, November 8, 2011 at 7:30 PM at our main library location at 130 S. Roselle Road in Schaumburg, IL.

You can read the handouts online or you can save them as a PDF file to your own computer for reading offline and more detailed searching through all of the contents.

You will also note that I have started “highlighting” in this uploaded PDF key points within the handout  by using  the “yellow highlighting” function within Microsoft Word.  This will allow your eyes to visually see key points within the handouts that I want to emphasize.  I hope you will enjoy being able to more easily see these key points within the set of handouts through this highlighting technique.  I plan on highlighting within the Handout file on a going forward basis.

Please note that the Handouts PDF file has embedded Hyperlinks and Bookmarks from within the Table of Contents at the beginning of the document to allow you to move to the handouts of interest to you quickly without having to scroll through the entire document. 

Use the Hyperlink function from within the Table of Contents of the file or use the Bookmark function within the PDF file and select the handout of interest for quick access in that manner.

Please note that you can access directly any and all URL Links that you find within the Handouts PDF.  You can get directly to the website being mentioned from within the handout being mentioned.

Enjoy the handouts.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library