Update on Release of 1940 US Census Data in April 2012

Hi Everyone!

Steve Szabados, a frequent participant at our monthly genealogy programs, as well as being a fantastic genealogy speaker, shared with me an update on what is happening with the release of the 1940 US Census data in April 2012.

Dick Eastman had a recent blog post about the subject of the release of the 1940 Census data and what appears to be the “plan” to create indexes of the data from the images that will be released in April 2012.  The data images will be available, but no index will immediately be available on the day of release.

The Dick Eastman blog post sheds light on the “indexing” efforts that will begin occurring upon release of the data images.

Three “powerhouses” in the genealogical community will join forces to make available a “free” accessible index of the data.  The players mentioned are:

  • Archives.com
  • FamilySearch International
  • findmypast.com

Of note in this effort is that an International company called brightsolid (yes, that is how the company is known, no caps, all lower-case letters) is a major participant in this effort.

For those of us doing genealogy, we are about have access to another great resource that we wait so anxiously for every ten years.  That moment is literally almost here!  As we age, let’s be honest, 10 year intervals don’t really seem like 10 years anymore, does it?  It does seem like the 1930 Census data was released only about 5 years ago.  Oh the humanity of aging when time seems to fly more than ever!!

Take a look at the link below to the full Dick Eastman blog post on the 1940 Census data update:

1940 Census Update From December 16, 2011 Dick Eastman Post

Don’t forget to look at the “comments” at the end of the Dick Eastman post.  Sometimes, these comments can be even more insightful that the original post.  Read through the entirety of the post and the comments.

Thanks to Steve Szabados for sharing the news on the recent Dick Eastman post.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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