My First Genealogy Poll On This Blog; Genealogy Lineage Software Poll Closed; See the Results

Hi Everyone!

I thought that it was about time to close out my very first poll on this blog.  I have had it up on the blog for about 6 weeks.  I am not sure if I will have a set amount of time when the poll is open for readers to provide their “votes”.  I don’t want the poll to get “stale” over time, so I may target a new poll at about every 6 weeks or so.

So far over the approximate 6 weeks this first poll has been active I have received 39 votes so far on what kind of lineage software readers are using to keep track of their genealogy research results.  I don’t really have a feel yet as to whether 39 votes is a good amount, a small amount or maybe a just right amount.  I guess more is better but it is my first poll and I guess I should be happy that 39 readers were willing to share their thoughts.

Here is a summary as to what software packages readers to the blog have indicated they are using:

Family Tree Maker                    17 Votes      (44.74%)
Master Genealogist                     1 Vote         (2.83%)
Roots Magic                                   2 Votes       (5.26%)
Legacy Family Tree                     3 Votes      (7.89%)
Personal Ancestral File              1 Vote        (2.83%)
Reunion (Mac)                               9 Votes      (23.08%)
MacFamily Tree (Mac)               0 Votes      (0%)
Using More Than One                3 Votes       (7.89%)
Not Using Any                               3 Votes       (7.89%)

Total Votes                                    39 Votes (11-23-2011 to 1-4-2012)      100%

As you can see, Family Tree Maker is the overall winner with about 50% of the votes and Reunion (for Mac) came in a distant 2nd.  It was interesting that about 8% of respondents indicated they are using more than one and 8% of respondents indicated they are not using any!

This was not a scientific poll by any means.  Just a fun, informational poll on who is using what software, or not, to track their genealogical research.  So make of the results what you wish.  Maybe the results are no surprise to you at all based on your own anecdotal insights into what software is being used.  Maybe you are completely surprised.  Either way, enjoy the results for what they are.

I plan on also creating a new “page” at the top of this blog that will contain an archive of the polls I will be including on this blog over time.  That way you can always visit the page and see historically what has been out there and how the results may coincide with your own anecdotal insights about aspects of your own genealogy life.

I have a few more polls lined up in my mind that I will start constructing.  I am certainly open to hear from my readers as to what poll questions they think might be good to put out on this blog as the questions would pertain to genealogy.  You can leave me your good ideas as “comments” on the blog posts, by contacting me directly via the “Contact” page at the top of the blog or by leaving a comment at any of the “polls” that will be appearing on the blog.

I would love to hear from you on your ideas about what to ask our readers for feedback via a poll.

I hope you enjoyed this first poll.

I don’t think it was a disaster that would preclude me from offering another one!

Don’t be afraid to take a vote and give me your response to a poll that is of interest to you.  I only see the statistics and do not see any other information regarding you the reader.

Thanks again for your participation in this very first poll.

Keep coming back to see future polls for which I would love to get some feedback from you via the poll.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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