Steve Szabados, A Frequent Participant At Our Monthly Genealogy Program, And Genealogy Speaker, Has Published A New Book; “Finding Grandma’s European Ancestors”

Hi Everyone!

Many of you may know Steve Szabados as  many things.  (Maybe we will all now have to call him “Stephen” based on his name on the book cover!  For now he will still be “Steve”.)  Some may know of him as a fellow genealogy research colleague.  Some may know of him as a participant at genealogy programs, ours included.  Some may know of Steve as a genealogy lecturer.  Some may know of  Steve as a genealogy teacher, especially those doing Polish research. 

But now Steve has made me aware that he is now an author!  Congratulations Steve!

Steve has published a book titled “Finding Grandma’s European Ancestors”.  His book is now available to purchase from for $12.99.  You can find information about this book authored by Steve at at:

Steve Szabados’ Book “Finding Grandma’s European Ancestors” At

Steve Szabados

I hope to be able to purchase the book through Steve and add it to our own library’s circulating collection for genealogy.

Steve was kind enough to share a pre-copy of his work in progress to give him some feedback.  I had to apologize to Steve early on because I was so fixated with the information in the pre-copy material that I spent more time gathering information for my own Polish research than I did giving him some meaningful feedback on his material, presentation and style!!

So I now anxiously await being able to see and purchase for the library the final version of his informative work, especially since it can benefit me directly to pick up some tips for my own Polish, Eastern European genealogy research.

I hope to be able to see him and congratulate him in person if he will be able to attend our February 14, 2011 program with Craig Pfannkuche.

Many of you know Steve through all of the ways I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  Now you will get to see another side of Steve – as author!

Congratulations again to a great guy!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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