Another Recent “Genealogy”Article; This Time From The New York Times Published On January 23, 2012

Hi Everyone!

Once again Bruce H., a frequent participant at our monthly genealogy programs, made me aware that the New York Times just published a genealogy-oriented article on January 23, 2012 titled “With DNA Testing, Suddenly They Are Family”.  The author of the article is Rachel L. Swarns.

You can view this article that focuses on a “hot” genealogy topic of DNA at:

January 24, 2012 New York Times Genealogy Article Titled “With DNA Testing, Suddenly They Are Family”

I always appreciate getting notice from Bruce H. on his discoveries of recently published genealogy oriented articles from among a variety of publishers.

The article focuses on an individual discovering that they were adopted in early life and their decision to utilize DNA testing to discover “blood” relatives.  The person’s life at age 42 was turned upside-down once she discovered  she was in fact adopted. 

This article does seem to show how strong our urges are to discover where we came from and to whom we are connected by blood.  Adoptees especially have a difficult time to satisfy this natural urge simply because court directions related to adoption always seem to make it extremely difficult for the adoptee to discover their connections to their real blood lines.  Many of these views are in the process of changing as adoptees are being given more opportunities to them to make these true bloodline discoveries by being able to access more adoption records.

DNA research today can be considered by anyone doing their genealogy, not just an adoptee trying to find blood lines.  It is a booming aspect of genealogy research today and will only grow more in popularity over time as more and more researchers provide a swab of their cheek to get that information included in the various DNA databases that exist today to connect us to blood relatives we have no idea even exist or for whom we may have no idea how we are connected.  But the DNA tells us we are connected and that is part of the fun of trying to figure out just how and how far back we may have a common ancestor.

Once again, many thanks to “eagle-eye” Bruce H. on letting me know of the existence of this article.  Thank you Bruce!

Enjoy the article and take from it the growing development of DNA analysis that exists to help us find out where we came from.

The need to know is an undeniable human characteristic.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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