Getting Our Children, Grandchildren, Interested in Genealogy; How Can We Make That Happen?

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Wouldn’t it be nice if our genealogy hobby could really involve more of our family?  As we age, some magical switch turns on in our brain and tells us to find out where we came from in the distant past before we leave this planet earth for good.  Maybe our parents told us these stories if they knew them.  More than likely, no one told us and that switch is turned on full level with the responsibility falling on us.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could not only do this ourselves, but possibly get our children and grandchildren involved.  But how do we actually do this?  How can we teach our children or grandchildren and get them involved with the “genealogy bug”?

That question may actually now become closer to getting answered.  How is this magical answer going to come about?

One way will be through the efforts of Jennifer Holik-Urban, a professional genealogist local to the area,  who has attended one of our own library genealogy programs.  Jennifer is in the process of launching the publication of 6 new genealogy books that are geared for children from 1st Grade through High School.  The books are not quite available yet but Jennifer provided me with some of her own words that describes what this is all about.  So we may all now have a better resource that we can use to inspire our children and grandchildren to hop on our own genealogy bandwagon and to instill them with the desire early on in life to become family historians!

What follows in Italics after the line break is what Jennifer provided to me that describes this series of books and when they will be available. 

Think about a wonderful bonding experience with your own children or grandchildren discovering the roots of your past!  That may soon be easier than it has ever been with a series of published lessons that can help us to teach our succeeding generations about such a wonderful hobby that brings family members together no matter what the age.

Take a look at Jennifer’s publication information:


Professional Genealogist, Jennifer Holik-Urban, of Generations will soon be launching six new genealogy books for kids.

Branching Out: Kids Genealogy for 1st – 3rd Grade Students Lessons 1-15

Branching Out: Kids Genealogy for 1st – 3rd Grade Students Lessons 16-30 

 Branching Out: Kids Genealogy for 4th – 8th Grade Students Lessons 1-15

Branching Out: Kids Genealogy for 4th – 8th Grade Students Lessons 16-30 

 Branching Out: Kids Genealogy for High School Students Lessons 1-15

Branching Out: Kids Genealogy for High School Students Lessons 16-30.

These books will consist of genealogy lessons written for teachers, homeschool parents, librarians, parents, grandparents, and anyone else who wants to teach children about genealogy. The books begin with the basics of how to get started and move up through basic sources and evidence into the major record types. The books are not meant to be the end all be all of teaching genealogy. They are meant to give your child or student the foundation in which they can proceed to research for the rest of their life.

The lessons contain a goal, vocabulary (if needed), reading assignment, somewhat brief lesson, a make it personal section incorporating history, and an assignment.  These same elements exist in the high school version with additional reading, assignments and discussion.

These items will be available in April on CreateSpace in paperback book form. They will be released as PDF files and Ebooks at a later date. Live in the Chicagoland area? You can meet Jennifer and purchase books at the Fountaindale Public Library’s Author Fair on Saturday, April 14, 2012. And also at the Fountaindale Public Library’s Genealogy Day on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Following the launch of these books will be additional books and multi-media applications for kids. If you would like to stay informed of the progress and official launch date, or learn where Jennifer will next be speaking, please visit the Generations page and sign up for the free newsletter.


I hope to be able to get copies added to our collection once they become available.  In the mean time, know that if you were struggling with getting your children or grandchildren involved in genealogy but just did not know how to best do it, you may now have that resource available soon to help you with that effort.  We are all simply looking for a “roadmap” to use to help us instill the desire to become family historians in our children and grandchildren. 

Soon you will have that “roadmap” to help you mentor your children and grandchildren discover the joy of their family history!

Jennifer is also the author of a genealogy blog that focuses on getting children involved in genealogy.  So in advance of her books being published on involving children in genealogy, you can tap into this great online resource to read the exchanges that are posted giving insights into opening up the world of genealogy to our succeeding generations.

You can visit Jennifer’s genealogy blog for children at:

“Genealogy For Kids” Blog Authored By Jennifer Holik-Urban

Keep watching for this new material.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


One response to “Getting Our Children, Grandchildren, Interested in Genealogy; How Can We Make That Happen?

  1. Jennifer Holik-Urban, Professional Genealogist

    Thank you for talking about my upcoming books Tony! I’m now even more excited about the launch!

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