Stand Up For Continuing Access To The Social Security Death Index (SSDI); It Is In Danger Of Being Made Inaccessible; Sign Petitions

Hi Everyone!

You may have been hearing some nasty rumors of late that the SSDI we so commonly use in our genealogical research, may soon no longer be available.  I have recently made you aware of this development via a recent blog post.

These are not rumors.  The SSDI is in jeopardy!!

Privacy seems to be the main force behind the idea to limit or even eliminate access to this wonderful genealogical research resource.

Barb P., a frequent attendee at our monthly genealogy programs, has provided me with a link to a “movement” that is taking place to tell our federal legislators that they need to re-think these draconian measures they are considering to limit or eliminate access to this wonderful resource.

Please take a look at the following link provided to me by Barb P. if you want to get involved via a petition to express yourself and indicate you want access to this data to still be available:

Oppose H.R. 3475 Keeping IDs Safe Act

You will need to register yourself with the site.  You cannot just sign a petition in an anonymous manner.

Negative actions are already being felt within the genealogical community.  A wonderful “free” SSDI accessible database “formerly” existed on RootsWeb (  It was a wonderful database that a very good template from which you could construct your searches.  If you have been late to the SSDI party at RootsWeb you will now discover that it is gone.  For now it appears “free” access to the SSDI database is being curtailed.  If you are a paying subscriber to you will still be able to find the SSDI database there.  I guess our legislators must think that if you are paying for it that somehow privacy is more protected.

So you can believe me that losses to valuable material are taking place if you have been a user at RootsWeb previously accessing the SSDI they had at their site.

You can also find information about the jeopardy the SSDI is in at the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) web site.  They also have a part of their site dedicated to  disseminating information about the SSDI as well as offering the ability to get involved with a petition to our federal representatives to stop this pending action.

You can find information from the FGS about the help they are seeking via petition at the following web site link:

SSDI Call To Action Kit from the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS)

As with the first link above, you will need to register yourself so you can participate in the petition.  You cannot sign a petition anonymously.

Check out the links.  Get involved.  Speak your mind.

Leave access to the SSDI alone!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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