Last Minute Reminder; DuPage County Genealogical Society Annual Conference Will Take Place Tomorrow, February 25, 2012 In St. Charles, IL

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to give you a final reminder that the Annual Conference of the DuPage County Genealogical Society will take place tomorrow on Saturday, February 25, 2012 in St. Charles, IL at the Hilton Garden Inn.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will actually be able to attend this conference tomorrow as a “walk-in”.  So there is a very good chance I will see many of you there.

I have previously posted this information in this blog so I am just going to link to the most recent post for you to get all of the information for the conference.

You can find this conference information reminder from my blog at:

February 25, 2012 DuPage County Genealogical Society Annual Conference Information

Perhaps our paths will cross tomorrow if everything aligns up for me.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to attend a top-notch local annual conference that has a tremendous roster of great local genealogy speakers.

If I can make this conference as a “walk-in” you can also if it fits your schedule.

Crossing my fingers I will be able to be there.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

3 responses to “Last Minute Reminder; DuPage County Genealogical Society Annual Conference Will Take Place Tomorrow, February 25, 2012 In St. Charles, IL

  1. I was also considering going as a walk-in, but when I went to the DGS website to double check the information, I read that the conference was at capacity and that walk-ins were not being encouraged.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for the heads-up of the fact that walk-ins are not being encouraged. I did visit the DCGS web site as you did and did see that mentioned. I would never have expected that turnout would be that great and the conference would be filled that walk-ins would be discouraged.

      I guess the turnout is great for DCGS and bad for walk-ins!!

      I may still take a chance. If I have to turnaround and go back home then so be it.

      Thanks for the comment and the heads up.

      Tony Kierna
      Genealogy Coordinator
      Schaumburg Township District Library

  2. Hello Tony, I wish I could be there tomorrow, I have a mystery; Illinois has lost my grandfather, Edward Jacob McGee body. Edward Jacob and his bride Grace Griffith married 17 July 1890 in Lima, OH. Grace died 1894 leaving two little daughter’s age three yrs. and one yr. Edward married the third time to Rose Frost possibly in Cook Co. IL. His occupation in Chicago was a Hoisting Engineer. His residence of several years was 542 W. 60th St. Chicago, IL Edward and wife had a nice home, a very sharp touring car and money in the Bank but Illinois has lost his body in one of it’s cemeteries. My grandfather was very special to his children and grandchildren and we want to know where he is buried. Edward was a 32
    Degree Mason, a Knights Templar of the York Rite of the Masonic Lodge in Chicago.
    After the death of his eldest daughter, Edna in 26 May of 1932, Edward never seem to get over her loss of one so dear to him. Her father Edward was the informant on Edna’s death certificate and stated her mother’s maiden was Yount instead of Griffith. Yount was Edna’s Aunt Libby, she was like a mother to the motherless girls. Edna’s Aunt was Mary Elizabeth Griffith Yount, Edward was so distraught by the terrible loss he felt deep inside. Two weeks after Edna’s death Edward dropped out of his Knight’s Templar Lodge.

    Edward died 26 May 1934 of Acute Myocardial Failure and Chronic Myocaritis exactly two years to the day of Edna’s death and on the birthday of his granddaughter Eleanor all the 26 of May. Edward Jacob’s Death Certificate stated he was buried at Arlington Heights cemetery in Du Page Co. IL a suburb of Chicago, IL but I’m told they do not have him. At this time the cemetery does not know where Edward and Rose are buried! and they are not looking for them. They may be buried at Arlington Cemetery, Elmhurst, Lake St. and Frontage Rd, Elmhurst, IL I have checked and they are not buried there either. This cemetery was in service in 1934 so where could Edward J. and his wife be buried. I’m sure they would have had a Headstone from what I have been told.

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