Podcasts From BBC Radio; “Tracing Your Roots”; 11 Episodes To Help With Your English Research

Hi Everyone!

Thanks once again to one of our sharp-eyed readers for giving me a heads-up on a nice genealogical resource.  Thanks as always to Les U. for making me aware of a BBC Radio series of 11 genealogical podcasts to help with your English research.  It looks like the podcasts originated in the September-October 2010 and 2011 timeframe so are still rather current.  Each podcast appears to run approximately 30 minutes.

In genealogy, sometimes the time created is not critically important because the topic applies to researchers regardless of the create date.

I see podcast topics and dates created as:

  • Vanishing Without Trace  (14 Sep 10)
  • Tracing rootless ancestors  (21 Sep 10)
  • Radicals and Revolutionaries  (28 Sep 10)
  • Caribbean Roots  (05 Oct 10)
  • Objects and Heirlooms  (12 Oct 10)
  • Census Special  (20 Mar 11)
  • What’s in a name?  (13 Sept 11)
  • Life in Confinement  (20 Sept 11)
  • Following the Money (27 Sept 11)
  • What Happens Next  (04 Oct 11)
  • What Happens Next Part 2  (11 Oct 11)

Here is the link to this set of 11 podcasts having a varied category of topics:

BBC Radio Podcasts; “Tracing Your Roots”; 11 Podcast Episodes

The above link will also give you more background information on the series created in England titled “Tracing Your Roots”.  Look at the site for more than just the podcast information to help with your researching your English roots.

I am a big believer in podcasts as a very great learning tool.  I always listen to the episodes created by the Genealogy Guys.  I always feel I pick something up from the conversation I listen to.

Give these podcasts a try if you are doing English research.  Each is only about 30 minutes in length.  Chances are you will pick up some new information to help with your research.

Thanks again to Les U. for making me aware of the above site.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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