Jennifer Holik-Urban, A Local Professional Genealogist, Publishes 6 New Genealogy Textbooks Aimed At Children; Press Release Included

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One of the gaps in the wonderful hobby of genealogy relates to our children and grandchildren.  They are often just entries into our lineage records from our research.  Our children and grandchildren do not seem to develop any interest in our own wonderful hobby until they may become like us — older when their own curiosities of their ancestors becomes a burning desire to discover, just like us when we got older.

Why wait to involve our next generation of budding genealogists until they are far advanced into adulthood?  Sometimes, it is as simple of an answer as we simply don’t know how teach them.

Jennifer Holik-Urban also realized this omission in getting the next generations interested in genealogy and actually did something about it.  Jennifer has just published 6 textbooks to help the young genealogist from as early as 1st Grade all the way through the end of High School!

Jennifer Holik Urban

Jennifer Holik-Urban is a professional genealogist local in our area.  She has just issued a Press Release letting the world know that she has now made available the tools that parents and grandparents can now use to help educate the next generations in the exciting hobby of Family History.

If you were not sure how to help your own next generations become genealogy savvy, then your wait is over.  You will very shortly have the tools at your disposal to work with your children and grandchildren and become the “mentor” you always wanted to become and guide them down the paths of learning Family History in partnership with yourself.

Please take a look at the full text of this wonderful Press Release.  Click on all of the embedded links in the Press Release to uncover more details about the books themselves and about Jennifer herself through her very nifty looking “Generations” website.  You will discover all you need to know to plan on taking the next step to get these new children’s genealogy learning tools into your own hands.

Thanks to Jennifer for seeing the omission that existed to teach our next generation the love for the hobby we have all enjoyed ourselves.

The Press Release follows after the separator line in Italics:


Generations Publishes Kids’ Genealogy Textbooks

Chicago, Illinois – March 23, 2012: Professional Genealogist, Jennifer Holik, of Generations publishes six new genealogy textbooks for kids. Parents, teachers, and genealogical societies looking for a how-to genealogy textbook for elementary through high school-aged students need to look no further. In Branching Out, a new series available from Generations, author and professional genealogist Jennifer Holik provides parents and educators with the tools they need to teach genealogical research skills to children and teens.

Through thirty fun and educational lessons, students will learn the foundations of genealogy and how to begin research on a level that they can understand and enjoy. Each lesson contains a clearly defined goal, all necessary vocabulary, additional reading assignments, and lesson and homework assignments to extend understanding of the concept.

The Branching Out series of books begins with six paperback textbooks which are also available as a PDF or PowerPoint download. The PowerPoint files, which were created with the visual and hands-on learner in mind, contain the same information as the textbooks with a few fun and interactive extras.

The Branching Out: Genealogy Lessons for Adults will be released in April with additional books for families, genealogical societies, and educators to be published later in 2012.

 The books are available on CreateSpace in paperback form at the links provided. The PDF and PowerPoint files are available at the Generations Store at:

 Branching Out: Genealogy for 1st – 3rd Grade Students Lessons 1-15Book $24.95
PDF $17.95
Branching Out: Genealogy for 1st – 3rd Grade Students Lessons 16-30Book $29.95
PDF $20.95
PowerPoint $20.95
Branching Out: Genealogy for 4th – 8th Grade Students Lessons 1-15Book $26.95
PDF $18.95
PowerPoint $18.95
Branching Out: Genealogy for 4th – 8th Grade Students Lessons 16-30Book $32.95
PDF $23.95
PowerPoint $23.95
Branching Out: Genealogy for High School Students Lessons 1-15 Book $29.95
PDF $20.95
PowerPoint $20.95
Branching Out: Genealogy for High School Students Lessons 16-30Book $34.95
PDF $24.95
PowerPoint $24.95

If you live in the Chicagoland area, you can meet Jennifer and purchase books at the Fountaindale Public Library’s Author Fair on Saturday, April 14, 2012. For more information visit theGenerations Blog.


Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

4 responses to “Jennifer Holik-Urban, A Local Professional Genealogist, Publishes 6 New Genealogy Textbooks Aimed At Children; Press Release Included

  1. Hi Tony,
    Like you and many others I was hoping someone would come out with a series of genealogy textbooks for kids which would make it easier to get them involved. It’s difficult even for adults to know just how and where to begin your family’s genealogy. I know I just jumped right in some 7 or 8 years ago without learning about the basics. You can get lucky and find good information but it can easily become disorganized leading to wasted time and frustration when you have to redo some of your research.

    It will be interesting to see how Jennifer Holik approaches genealogy for each of the age groups. Getting students excited about genealogy and keeping that interest going will be a challenge along with being sensitive to changing family structures.

    Do you know if the library would ever consider offering a basic genealogy program for kids and older students or perhaps helping District 54 set-up an activity? If the library pursued it I hope they would seek some of your expertise and consult with you about current resources.

  2. Jennifer Holik, Professional Genealogist

    Hi Sue and Tony,

    I actually have a one hour program prepared for the 4th-8th grade group on the basics of getting started (not using the books) which I gave in the fall at my son’s school. If a school wanted to set up a program based on the books I am available to help set that up. I would like to get into the schools some how with these books. Well, beyond my own childrens’ school.

    Please contact me at jenniferholik at or My new website isn’t quite ready to put up yet. It is being redesigned so I’m sending you to the blog.

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