My First Look At The 1940 Census Images; Delaware Data Seems To Be Out First; Has A Variety Of State Data

Hi Everyone!

The 1940 Census is now starting to trickle out online as images only.

I visited both and  Each has images available online to browse through at very small geographic units for the state of Delaware. does have images for more than just Delaware at this time.   If you do not know exact addresses, you can still make some headway by looking through these small geographic units of images.

One thing I noticed right away.  You can go directly to FamilySearch, select the map for United States and browse through the results list looking for United States.  In this grouping of records you will see an item for the 1940 Census.  The records as of the time I write this at 9:45 AM are all for Delaware from FamilySearch.  You can click on the geographic areas of interest to you for Delaware and start looking.

You can access more than just  Delaware records at  At you can access records at this time for the following locations:

  • American Samoa
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Guam
  • Indian
  • Maine
  • Nevada
  • Panama Canal
  • Rhode Island
  • Virgin Islands

The link to get to these uploaded images is at:

The big difference is that you will need to register for the “free” access before you can look at image number 1 at!

You do not have to register at FamilySearch to begin accessing the Delaware image data.

Right now I prefer to follow the images being released at FamilySearch and avoid any connection to registering at for the free access.  Here is the link to get you to the FamilySearch Delaware records:

I actually browsed through a geographic area of some of the Delaware records and did in fact print an image from FamilySearch.  It came out fine but it is still a challenge to read it when you print the full-page image.

Remember, you can always download the image and work with it with your own image software to zoom in on the image for readability.

I looked at the National Archives site to see if there was any guidance given as to the order of the data images that will be released day by day.  I did not see any information that gave me that information.  So right now, as with so many other databases, you just need to visit frequently to see what new data now exists since your previous visit.

You can see all of this unfold over time at :

The time has arrived.  Data is now beginning to become available.  Take the time to plan more of your research strategies so you can start working with the un-indexed images as best as you can.

Check things out.

First and foremost, be patient!

Enjoy the exciting new data.  Hopefully, your images will be the next ones to be released!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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