FamilySearch Tech Tips And Genealogy; Keeping Up With All Things Technology That Can Improve Your Genealogy Research

Hi Everyone!

In this day and age one of our worse nightmares is simply knowing that we are not keeping up with new technology that intersects with our genealogy research.

I know I feel it all the time and yet I feel I am somewhat informed on many things “technology” and how that relates to our genealogy research.  I am sure you feel the same.  For every one thing we feel we have just learned that related to new technology, we all know that by tomorrow there will be five more “new” things to consider putting on our “bucket list”.  There are scanners, digital cameras, smartphones, eBay, PayPal, online ordering of LDS microfilms etc. and etc.

Technology is just not about equipment.  It is about new methods of doing things using tools that are not always obvious.

Sometimes we do not even know we are behind.  That is one of the worse discoveries to make!

I just saw that a very helpful website exists within FamilySearch that may actually be a great source to keep us genealogy researchers informed on new technology and how we can best incorporate it into our own genealogy research.  In the recently received genealogy journal, Internet Genealogy (April/May 2012, Volume 7, Number 1), I noticed within the section titled “Net Notes”, that Diane L. Richard made mention of FamilySearch Tech Tips as a source to help us all alleviate our fears of how we are falling behind the technology curve.

Diane mentioned we should consider visiting the following web site to peruse for tips on technology that can help us to better genealogy research.  You can visit this site at:

FamilySearch Tech Tips

Some of the topics mentioned by Diane in her small article about this resource listed some of the following “technology” topics:

  • Digitizing Techniques for Old Documents and Books
  • What Can I Do To Preserve or Restore An Old Book?
  • Publishing With Google
  • Be Prepared for Genealogical Research with Your Smartphone
  • Going Digital At the Cemetery
  • Diigo: GPS for the Web
  • Research Delivered: the Newsreader
  • Data, Back It Up, Migrate It, Or Lose It
  • Step by Step Summary of Personal Archiving
  • Personal Publishing: Blog Your Family History

This is a very helpful site to visit frequently and just peruse through the various topics presented at the site.  This is often the way you discover a shortcoming in your technology skills without even knowing you have a gap in your own technology skills.  Browse around all of the various topic categories they offer at the site to see if there is a question you may have that is actually discussed on the site within one of the many articles you discover.

Thanks to Diane L. Richard and Internet Genealogy for identifying this nice resource.

Check it out and return frequently.  Maybe there is a solution there to a problem you did not even know you had!!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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